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Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM), Italy

Location: Tuscania, Florence, Rome, and Venice - Italy
Fall: early September through mid-December
Fall interim: January
Spring: late January to mid-May
Summer: there are three one-month sessions

400+ courses in Anthropology; Archaeology; Art History; Biology; Classical Studies; Communications; Culinary and Nutritional Arts; Cultural Studies; Dance; Drawing and Mixed Media; Economics; Environmental Studies; Fashion Design; Film Studies; Film, Video and Multimedia Production; Gender Studies; Geography; Graphic Design; History; History of Architecture; Interior Design; International Business; International Studies; Italian Language and Culture; Jewelry Design; Literature; Mathematics; Music, Cinema and Theatre Studies; Painting; Peace Studies; Philosophy; Photography; Political Science; Printmaking; Psychology; Religious Studies; Restoration and Conservation; Sculpture and Ceramics; Sociology; Writing

Accommodation: student apartments
Program Model
: Direct Enroll
Contact: Office of International Education

Participate on a semester, interim or summer program at Lorenzo de' Medici in Italy - apply to study abroad, use financial aid and make payments through UW Oshkosh!

Why Lorenzo de'Medici (LdM)?

LdM offers HANDS-ON, experiential learning opportunities! The LdM course catalog sums up the experience like this:

"LdM Archaeology students have excavated archaeological sites in central Italy, while those in Art Restoration courses have restored paintings and sculptures, some by the greatest artistic masters of the Renaissance like Beato Angelico, Ghirlandaio, Botticelli, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo. Sculpture students spend time living and working in Carrara, learning the traditional techniques of marble sculpture in professional workshops and visiting the caves where Michelangelo chose the marble for his own masterpieces. Photography students develop their visual skills through immersion in the exquisite beauties of the Tuscan countryside. Fashion students work on commercial projects, meet industry professionals and hold their own fashion shows, while Art, Graphic and Interior Design students exhibit their work. Beyond their culinary classes taught by professional chefs, Culinary Arts students visit small farms where wines, cheeses, and cured meats are still produced by hand."

"Additionally, LdM provides its students with a wide range of housing possibilities, student services, opportunities for travel and recreation, volunteer projects, student clubs and societies, and extra-curricular seminars and public conferences. The School aims to integrate formal university-level learning with an emphasis on personal growth, individual engagement, and community responsibility."


Florence is the ideal destination for those interested in studying Arts and Sciences, Fine Art, Design, or Italian Language and Culture.


Use the city of Rome as your classroom! All courses include on-site classes that allow students to experience the subject matter studied. Classicsstudents learn the deeds of the Ancient Romans walking through the Roman Forum or reading and understanding the Latin inscriptions on Roman monuments. Art History students enjoy the three-dimensionality of the works of art and be overwhelmed by the dynamic effect of Baroque sculpture in St.Peter Basilica.  History students wander the narrow streets of Rome, which still bear the signs of time, and visit Castel S.Angelo, an example of transformation and reuse. Businessand Marketing students have access to Italian companies based in Rome. Literature students experience the world of Henry James or John Keats, sipping coffee in the famous Caffè Greco. Cinemastudents are plunged into the retro atmosphere of La dolce vita, depicted in the famous filmand walk through the settings of many films directed by Federico Fellini. Religious Studies students visit the treasures of Saint Peter and discover the functioning of the world’s smallest and long-lived state: the Vatican City. Art students take inspiration from real masterpieces scattered through the city.All students may participate in social activities organized with Italian students. Read more about the site in ROME!


Tuscania offers integration in the community alongside a curriculum designed to promote the historical, artistic and cultural qualities that make this part of Italy unique. Thus, courses in History and Archaeology focus on the Etruscan, Roman and medieval civilizations, while courses in Culinary Arts reflect Tuscania's connection to the agricultural cycles and traditions of the region. Tuscania is also the proud home of the Tuscania Summer Archaeology Field School.


LdM opened its newest campus in Venice in the Spring of 2009 in collaboration with Istituto Venezia. LdM Venice, or Venezia in the Italian language, offers study abroad students an opportunity to study in an historic setting in the city center's Campo Santa Margherita. Whether you traverse the narrow streets on foot or the canals via vaporetto, you're certain to find yourself transported by the atmosphere that is uniquely Venice. 

The LdM Venice semester program features a range of courses in the humanities and studio arts, with an emphasis on Italian language and on the rich artistic resources of the city of Venice. In accordance with LdM's commitment to ensuring students' successful intercultural interactions, students will enroll in either a 3 or 6 credit Italian language course as well as a complement of 3 to 4 courses in English.

Three Cities Program

"This semester-long program allows students to retrace the steps of Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance cultures by living and studying in three cities which embody these civilizations in all their richness and splendor: Tuscania, Rome and either Florence or Venice"

Field Trips

Academic field trips are organized locally by staff in each of LdM's cities. Students may sign up on site for the field trips which interest them the most.

Information on this page is provided to UW Oshkosh students only as a summary of information provided by Lorenzo de'Medici (LdM). Check LdM's official site for the final word on everything!

Academic Coursework

airplanePointerHost Institution Course Enrollment

Students typically enroll in 15-16 credits over the course of a semester and are limited to 6 credits during interim & summer programs. January and summer course participants may choose to take non-credit courses on wine tasting or cuisine in addition to their course load.

Students must choose all courses from one campus (Florence, Rome, Tuscania) or may choose the Three Cities Program.


Choose from a wide range of subjects, including Anthropology; Archaeology; Art History; Biology; Classical Studies; Communications; Culinary and Nutritional Arts; Cultural Studies; Dance; Drawing and Mixed Media; Economics; Environmental Studies; Fashion Design; Film Studies; Film, Video and Multimedia Production; Gender Studies; Geography; Graphic Design; History; History of Architecture; Interior Design; International Business; International Studies; Italian Language and Culture; Jewelry Design; Literature; Mathematics; Music, Cinema and Theatre Studies; Painting; Peace Studies; Philosophy; Photography; Political Science; Printmaking; Psychology; Religious Studies; Restoration and Conservation; Sculpture and Ceramics; Sociology; Writing.

For course schedules for all LdM campuses, click on the relevant term and campus from this link.

Use BOTH the Academic Catalogue AND the appropriate course schedule for your location (linked just above) to choose courses.

If taking a photography course, please view specific camera requirements.

For program dates, view the Academic Calendar.

LdM Overview for Prospective Students

Planning your trip!

Italian Language

LdM requires students studying for a full semester to take at least one Italian language course. Beginners and students who have had one semester of Italian must pre-register for Italian if they wish to take a 3- or 4-credit Italian language class. Students enrolled in Beginning Italian for 6-credits, 9-credits or 18-credits will be assigned to a class once they arrive at LdM. A placement test will be administrered during orientation in Italy.

LdM also offers free one-to-one or group Italian tutoring, Italian movies, and conversation exchanges matching LdM students with Italian students from the University of Florence.

Archaeology Field School

Semester program - participate in an archeological excavation in Tuscania while receiving credit throughout the semester; spend two weeks in the Archaeology Field School. No archaeology experience or knowledge of Italian is required – only a desire to dig and to learn more about the extraordinary Etruscan civilization of ancient Italy.

International Conflict Transformation Certificate Program

Full semester certificate program with academic coursework related to preventing, managing and resolving conflict.

Other Semeseter Certificate programs

Certificates are designed as a career-oriented experience in exciting fields, such as Fashion, Architecture, and Interior Design.

Restoration Workshop

Studio Art

Students enrolled in courses with two time blocks must attend both time blocks. Intermediate-advanced level Studio Art courses require a letter with a description of previous work experience and/or relevant courses already completed upon application. Students satisfying course prerequisites will sit a placement test at the beginning of the course; other students will be required to attend an admissions interview for the relevant course.

Three Cities Program

Spend one month each in Tuscania, Rome and Florence following a structured programme of five to six 3-credit courses in history. Site visits are integrated into almost all of the courses except Italian language and culture courses.

Course Registration

Course enrollment is completed through the initial application to LdM. Once course registration has been finalized, and after arrival in Italy, only one course can be dropped/replaced.

Internships & Service Learning

LdM offers internships for credit in areas such as Adversiting, Business, Communications, Cultural Mediation, International Business, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing/Retail Management/Merchandising, Marketing, Graphic Design, Jewelry Marketing/Retail Management/Merchandising, Museum Education, and Web TV.

LdM also offers community-based service learning for credit.

Students earn credit in all internships and service learning programs.

airplanePointerCourse and Credit Transfer

When you study abroad/away on a program which does not grant UW Oshkosh credit, you may request that your courses be transfered to UW Oshkosh at the end of your program by soliciting prior approval for course and credit transfer. Transfer without prior approval IS NOT AUTOMATIC and IS NOT GUARANTEED.

Follow the instructions on theTransfer Credit Prior Approval formto have your courses pre-approved for transfer.

airplanePointerTo Complete Your Course Transfer

Before you depart from abroad, you must request that your host institution send your transcripts directly to the Transfer Student Coordinator in the UW Oshkosh Admissions Office. Do not send your transcript to the Office of International Education. The UW Oshkosh OIE cannot request transcripts on your behalf and you cannot receive credit at UW Oshkosh without the official transcript.

Transfer Student Coordinator
Admissions Office
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
800 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI 54901

NOTE: When the Transfer Student Coordinator receives your transcipt, it will be matched to the Transfer Credit Prior Approval Form you completed during the application process for your program. If you did not take the courses you listed on your prior approval form, there is no guarantee that your courses will transfer. If you took courses which won't transfer, this will retroactively affect your full-time status as reported by UW Oshkosh and may affect your financial aid.

You should consider ordering a copy of your host institution transcripts for yourself if possible.

Full Estimated Cost of Participation

The "Full Estimated Cost of Participation" includes your Program Fee (the amount due directly to UW Oshkosh), your airfare and other expenses related to your participation on this program.

Full Estimated Cost of Participation:
Costs vary considerably based on number of courses and accommodation choice.

Your program includes a number of variables which affect cost. Before signing and submitting the "Full Estimated Cost of Participation"worksheet linked in the "Apply" section of this guide, use links provided within the worksheet and information on the host institution's website to complete as many of the "variable" line items as possible. For help completing this worksheet, contact the OIE for an appointment.

As part of the application process for this program, you are required to review, sign and submit the "Full Estimated Cost of Participation" worksheet for your program. The worksheet includes all of the cost details for your program and is linked from STEP III of the "Apply" section of this guide.   

Accommodation & Meals


Shared student apartments (Florence & Rome)
2 - 6 people share fully-furnished apartments (2 students per bedroom) in central locations within the city, often within walking distance of LdM.

Homestay (Florence, Rome & Tuscania)
The family-stay is for students committed to learning Italian and experiencing Italian culture and family life.

Hostels, B&B's & Hotels (Tuscania)
This type of accommodation is within walking distance of LdM.

See the most recent housing rules and Housing Booklets by location and term.


Cafeteria (Florence)
The cafeteria offers a range of products at subsidized prices.

Student Card (Tuscania & Rome)
The student card provides discounts at local restaurants.

Review the estimate for the amount of money you should bring to cover meals in the Full Cost of Participation worksheet. It is not reasonable to think that you can save money by spending less than the food estimate provided by the OIE! This estimate is meant to be the BARE MINIMUM in relation to your particular destination!


At a minimum, eligible students have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.8 and are in good standing, have completed 30 credits by the program start date, have a clean disciplinary record, and may come from any academic discipline. Students with a GPA below 2.8 should contact the OIE before applying.

There is no language requirement. All courses are held in English, except Italian Language courses and courses which are clearly specified as "In Italian."

Participants With Disabilities

If you have a disability that requires reasonable accommodation, it is best to consult with disability services on the UW Oshkosh campus at least a few weeks prior to the study abroad application deadline. If this isn’t possible, consult with disability services as far in advance as possible or by the study abroad application deadline. If you are a student on another campus, please consult your own disability services office first and then ask that office to contact the UW Oshkosh disability services office at (920) 424-3100. Additional information on traveling with a disability is available from Mobility International U.S.A.


Pre-/Post-travel Class Dates

Inability or failure to attend class prior to or following your program abroad may affect your ability to participate, course grades and/or ability to receive and use financial aid.

Application Process

airplanePointerBefore You Apply

  1. Write the deadline for completing the On-line Study Abroad Orientation - AND the date on which you must attend your Program-specific Orientation - in your calendar. Failure to complete orientation will affect your ability to participate.
  2. Write all payment deadlines in your calendar.
    If you aren't the person who will be making payments, share this information with the person who will be.
  3. Understand how seats are assigned on study abroad programs.

airplanePointerSecuring Your Place on a Study Abroad Program

Seats are assigned in the order in which qualified applicants have completed STEPS I & II of the application process, provided STEP III has also been completed by the STEP III application deadline.

This means that you may be conditionally admitted following completion of steps I & II, but NOT receive a seat if you then fail to complete STEP III on time.

If you are on the waiting list, you may receive a seat if applicants who have been conditionally admitted have not completed STEP III by the deadline.

After the deadline, seats are assigned in the order in which qualified applicants have completed all three steps.

airplanePointerApplication Deadlines

Winter Interim Programs

STEPS I & II: 1st Friday in October by 12:00 pm.

STEP III: 2nd Friday in October by 12:00 pm.

Summer Programs

STEPS I & II: last Friday in February by 12:00 pm.

STEP III: 1st Friday of March by 12:00 pm.

Spring Semester Programs

STEPS I & II: 1st Friday in October by 12:00 pm.

STEP III: 2nd Friday in October by 12:00 pm.

Fall Semester Programs

STEPS I & II: 2nd Friday in March by 12:00 pm.

STEP III: 3rd Friday in March by 12:00 pm.

airplanePointerApplication STEPs & Application Checklist

Complete the three steps below in order, or work on all three steps simultaneously. Check off items as you SUBMIT them to the Office of International Education.

Step I
Complete the on-line study abroad/away application.

**Be aware that the application will time out without warning! Save often, and if you answering the longer questions we recommend typing them into a Word document and pasting them in to the online application.
Step II
Print the application packet and sign where appropriate.
Pay the UW Oshkosh application fee
( $200 for in-state residents and $300 for out-of-state residents) per the instructions in the application packet and turn in your receipt to the OIE. If you have mailed the application fee to the Cashier's Office, notify the OIE so that OIE staff can contact the Cashier's Office for confirmation.
Print an unofficial copy of your university transcript

course prerequisites (if applicable) and final GPA.

To print your transcripts, EITHER copy and paste your transcript from TitanWeb into Word and print OR follow these instructions:

1) Open your transcript in TitanWeb using Internet Explorer.
2) Highlight all of the information in your transcript.
3) Go to "print preview"
4) Click on "as selected on screen"
5) Change the orientation to "landscape"
6) Print
Credit Overload Form
Complete and submit to the OIE ONLY IF you will exceed the maximum credit limit for the semester.
Special Student Form for Undergraduate Admissions
Complete and submit to the OIE ONLY IF you are not a student at UW Oshkosh OR if you are not a student at all.
Graduate Registration Form and Graduate Special/Non-Degree Information Form
Complete and submit to the OIE ONLY IF you are not in a Graduate program at UW Oshkosh and want to earn graduate level credit, or if you are in a Graduate program at UW Oshkosh and want to earn undergraduate level credit.
Submit the Disciplinary Clearance Form
Complete ONLY IF you are a student at a university or college OTHER THAN UW Oshkosh. Submit this form to the appropriate office on your HOME campus; request that the office on your HOME campus submit the form directly to the UW Oshkosh OIE by the deadline for this step of the application process.
Program-specific Application Materials/Requirements:

Two Recommendations
One recommendation must be from a professor in a department related to your subject of study. The second may be from a professor or from a professional person with whom you work.
Transfer Credit Prior Approval form
The OIE recommends choosing twice as many courses as you plan to take per semester and completing the Transfer Credit Prior Approval for all of these courses. In the case that a course you intended to take abroad is full, not offered or is not what you expected, you will then be able to easily make changes to your enrollment while abroad.
LdM Application

LdM Rules of Conduct (you'll be asked to verify on your LdM application that you have read these)
Step III
Review, sign and submit the
January 2015 Full Cost of Participation worksheet
Spring 2015 Full Cost of Participation
Summer 2015 Full Cost of Participation
Fall 2014 Full Cost of Participation

Your program includes a number of variables which affect cost. Before signing and submitting the "Full Estimated Cost of Participation"worksheet linked in the "Apply" section of this guide, use links provided within the worksheet and information on the host institution's website to complete as many of the "variable" line items as possible. For help completing this worksheet, contact the OIE for an appointment.

Edit the "medical" and "medical III" sections of your on-line study abroad application to ensure that every question is complete. Each and every question must be answered, even if the answer is obviously "none" or "n/a"!
Provide proof of passport
Complete only if you will travel outside the U.S.

If you already have a passport
, edit the "passport" section of your on-line study abroad application to include all requested passport details.

If you do not already have a passport, apply for one and submit a copy of your receipt to the OIE showing that you have applied.

Click here for passport forms and instructions.
Edit the "passport" section of your on-line study abroad application to include your full name.

If you are traveling OUTSIDE the U.S., enter your full name EXACTLY as it appears on your passport or on your passport application.  DO NOT GUESS! 

If you are traveling WITHIN the U.S. (including Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), enter your name EXACTLY as it appears on your driver’s license.  DO NOT GUESS! 

Your name will be printed on your airline ticket exactly as you enter it.  If the name on your airline ticket does not match the name on your identification, you will be charged a correction fee or may not be allowed through airport security.
Program-specific Application Materials/Requirements:

Electronic Copy of Passport Photo
When you had your passport photos taken, you probably received two photos but sent only one of these to the passport office with your application. Scan the passport photo you didn't send and email this to (Did you already have a passport? You'll need to have a new passport photo taken; you may NOT use a photo that is not an official passport photo and you may not scan the photo that is already in your passport.)

Housing (or Homestay) Request Form AND
Personal Profile Form
Housing (or Family) Rules Form

All three forms can be found at the end of each housing booklet.

Housing Deposit - (Only for Student Housing, Not Applicable for Homestay's or Independent options)
See the LdM Housing Guides for payment details.

Step IV (post-application deadline)

Passport Scan
Email a scanned copy of the biographical page (the page with your picture) to Your application to LdM cannot be submitted to LdM by UW Oshkosh until the OIE has this!
Flight itinerary
Email your full flight itinerary to your admissions counselor at LdM (copy
Complete the following ONLY IF you will study in Italy for 90 days or longer.
You must apply for a visa IN PERSON at the Consulate General of Italy in Chicago; you may not book your appointment for more than 90 days before departure.
Apply for your VISA
Visa (Required for students staying over 90 days)

A visa is an endorsement or stamp placed by officials of a foreign country (in this case, Italy) in a U.S. passport that makes it possible for the bearer to visit that foreign country for a specific purpose. You will apply for your visa following directions provided by the Consulate General of Italy in Chicago.

Complete the visa application requirements outlined on the Consulate's website.

One requirement for your visa is a "letter of enrollment". Request this as follows:

  • Visit the UW Oshkosh Registrar's office to request an "Enrollment Verification".
  • Indicate that the "Enrollment Verification" must include the following information in the NOTES. Request that this information be added EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS IN BOLD HERE:

    Consular Official
    Consulate General of Italy in Chicago
    500 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1850
    Chicago IL 60611

    Current Status:
    full time; in good standing

    Expected date of graduation:

Visa Scan
Email a scanned copy of your visa, once received from the Consulate in Chicago, to your admissions counselor at LdM (copy You will find your visa either stamped or glued on one of the "visa pages" inside your passport.
Register for your Permit of Stay

You must register BEFORE traveling to Italy.

Review the Pre-departure Guide for your program (available to you after program acceptance) for registration instructions.

Refer to if you would like to prepare for registration before your official guide is ready. Wait for your official, site & date-specific guide and follow the instructions there.

Upon arrival in Italy, LdM staff will instruct you on the procedure to complete your application for the Permit of Stay.
FYI = you must enter your credit card number when registering, but your card will not be charged until after you complete your application after arrival in Italy.


Application Status

Log in to your on-line study abroad/away application to see the status of your application; this is explained in the the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Use the "application status" tab on your on-line application to check for missing application materials. Because our on-line application system is unable to generate application materials lists which are specific to each individual study abroad program, missing "program-specific" materials aren't outlined on the system. Use the check boxes above to keep track of forms you've completed and then to track forms you've submitted to the OIE.

Communicating with the OIE

airplanePointer"Add Comment" vs. UW Oshkosh email

Prior to completing a study abroad application, OIE staff will correspond with you via your UW Oshkosh email account.

After completing the first step of the study abroad application process, which is done on line, you'll mainly communicate with the OIE via this same application. This allows all staff in the OIE to review questions or issues even when the primary staff member working with you is out of the office.

To ask or respond to a question, log in to your application and click on "Add Comment". Comments are emailed to you and to and are saved in the application "history".

Communication to groups will be via UW Oshkosh email.

To avoid having our messages to you end up in the cyber trash, if you do not have a UW Oshkosh email address you must use your work or university email address. The OIE will not accept hotmail or yahoo addresses under any circumstances.

airplanePointerI've never used my UW Oshkosh email address before. How do I do this?

See for instructions. For help, call (920) 424-3020.

Withdrawal & Program Cancellation

airplaneBulletPointProgram Withdrawal

You are subject to the withdrawal and refund policy which you signed (or will sign) when you applied to a UW Oshkosh-sponsored study abroad program. Because this is a financial contract between you and the university, it is in your best interest to read this if you haven't already!

If at any time in this process you decide to withdraw, you must formally request to withdraw following the OIE Withdrawal Process.

airplaneBulletPointProgram Cancellation by UW Oshkosh

If a program is cancelled by UW Oshkosh, you will receive a full refund.

Paying Your Program Fee

airplaneBulletPointFinancial Aid

Using financial aid to cover some or a

ll of your costs? See our detailed financial aid information.

airplanePointerPayment Deadlines

Fall Semester Programs

Spring Semester Programs

Fall Interim Programs

Summer Programs

...more on payment deadlines

airplanePointerFirst Program Fee Payment

Your emailed study abroad acceptance letter (the one that says that you have been officially accepted to participate) includes a link to a statement for your first payment. This statement will not be sent to you in any other way. No one else will receive this statement or a copy of your bill; no further reminders will be sent. It is your responsibility to make payments according to the payment deadlines; you will need to forward your statement to the person who pays your bills if you are not that person!!!

The initial Program Fee Statement is also provided here. You can use this copy or the copy included in your acceptance letter (they are identical) when paying your fees.

airplanebulletpointSecond Program Fee Payment

You will receive a link to a statement for your second payment VIA EMAIL from the Office of International Education just prior to the second payment deadline. Some programs have been advertised using a range of fees; if this is the case, you must plan to cover fees at the top end of the range until you receive your second statement. This statement will indicate whether there have been cost savings due to increased participant numbers, exchange rates, etc. and, therefore, a reduced program fee.

airplanebulletpointTuition Payment

If your program includes a required tuition payment IN ADDITION TO YOUR PROGRAM FEE, this will be clearly indicated on the Full Cost of Participation Worksheet linked within the "Apply" section of this guide.

For interim programs, follow the program fee payment deadlines ($1,000 total due by the first deadline date, the remaining tuition and program fee due by the final deadline date).

For semester & summer programs, tuition will be billed by Student Accounts just before the term at UW Oshkosh begins, just as it normally is. It is your responsibility to make payments according to the normal university tuition payment deadlines.

airplanebulletpointPayment by Cash or Check

All payments by cash or check must be accompanied by a copy of your program fee statement. Make checks payable to “The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh” and write “Study Abroad” in the memo section. Pay fees at the Cashier's Office on the second floor of Dempsey Hall or mail your check to: Cashier's Office, UW Oshkosh, 800 Algoma Blvd, Oshkosh, WI 54901. Cashier office hours: Mon – Fri 8:30-4:00 (8:30-3:00 the day after Thanksgiving).

airplanebulletpointPayment by Credit Card or E-check

Payment by MasterCard or American Express carries a 2.5% convenience fee and can be made through TitanWeb E-checks carry a fee of $0.50 per transaction.

airplanebulletpointPayment by Financial Aid, Grant, Scholarship or External Loan

Submit the "Notice of Financial Aid Award for Study Abroad" form to Student Accounts by the first payment deadline. Students who plan to to cover some costs on their own and remaining costs using financial aid, grants or scholarships must pay costs not covered by aid/loans/scholarships, up to $1,000, by the first payment deadline.

For UW Oshkosh students, financial aid will automatically be applied toward study abroad-related fees on your student account. If you are a student elsewhere, you may need to pick up your change check from your home campus, cash the check, and send payment to UW Oshkosh.

Once your "Notice of Financial Aid Award for Study Abroad" form has been submitted, a "positive service indicator" will appear on your record indicating that financial aid will be paying your study abroad program fees.  This should not prevent you from doing anything except printing transcripts.


Students in Italy with an official "Permit of Stay" may work a maximum of 20 hours per week.


Scholarships offered through UW Oshkosh and outside organizations. 


Flight & Program Schedule


Mode of transportation: participants find their own way to the U.S. departure airport


Carry approximately €100 (about US$135) in cash to cover transportation fees to your LdM site from the local airport (if not provided or your flight arrives late) and living costs for the first few days.


Participants arrange and pay for airline tickets on their own. DO NOT purchase these until you have been officially accepted into the program by the HOST university. Information on finding and booking airline tickets is available elsewhere in this guide.

airplanePointerArrival Abroad

Review the web site/s of your arrival airport and print any information/maps available to you; carry these with you when you travel. Pre-plan your route from your arrival terminal to the bus stop, train station or other form of transportation you'll use to get to your program site.

Italy - Fiumicino Airport (Rome); Florence Peretola Airport


Upon arrival at Florence Peretola Airport, plan to take a taxi directly to LdM. If you fly in to Rome's Fiumicino Airport (or any other airport), you will need to take public transportation to Florence and then a taxi to LdM. Carry this "guide to travel from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport to LdM in Rome or Florence" with you when you travel; this contains step-by-step instructions on how to find and use public transportation on this route.

LdM housing cooridnators will supply an address and information related to check-in at LdM after you have been accepted to participate on the program. Housing check-in is usually between 9 am and 9 pm on a specified date. Students who arrive after check-in closes will need to go to a hotel and visit the LdM housing office the next morning to pick up their keys.

LdM supplies an updated list of hotels with availability - carry this hotel list for Florence with you when you travel.


Upon arrival at Rome's Fiumicino Airport, plan to take public transportation to central Rome, and then a taxi to LdM. Carry this "guide to travel from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport to LdM in Rome or Florence" with you when you travel; this contains step-by-step instructions on how to find and use public transportation on this route.

LdM housing cooridnators will supply an address and information related to check-in at LdM after you have been accepted to participate on the program.


Your program fee includes a group pick-up from Rome's Fiumicino Airport and a bus transfer to Tuscania. You must arrive on the date/time specified by LdM in order to take advantage of this service.

Three Cities Program

Your program fee includes a group pick-up from Rome's Fiumicino Airport and bus transfers to Tuscania, Rome and either Florence or Venice. You must arrive in Rome on the date/time specified by LdM in order to take advantage of the bus transfer to Tuscania.


Take the shuttle from the airport directly to Florence OR take the train. The shuttle link is in Italian – if you don’t read Italian, please open the link using google translate.  (Just paste the web address for the shuttle link into the text box on the left side of the ‘google translate’ page, choose “Italian” and “English from the language lists, and click on ‘translate’.) See the arrival information for "Florence" for additional details.

airplanePointerAcademic Calendar

Academic Calendar (scroll down to "academic calendar" and choose the relevent time period and/or program)

The LdM Academic Calendar is also available in the Course Catalog OR the Three Cities Catalog. These list your orientation date, first class date, final exam and last class dates.

Housing Dates
LdM is not legally allowed to house students before the official check-in date or after the official check-out date. This doesn't mean that you can't spend a few extra days in Italy - only that you'll need to make arrangements to stay in and pay for a hostel or hotel on these days.

Visas & Residence Permits


A visa is an endorsement or stamp placed by officials of a foreign country on a U.S. passport that makes it possible for the bearer to visit that foreign country. U.S. citizens and citizens from many other countries must apply for a visa prior to entering Italy ONLY if staying in Italy or in the "Schengen" area (borderless region of Europe) for 90 days or longer

In addition, all travelers need either a Permit of Stay (Required by Italian Law for stays of 90 days or more) or a Declaration of Presence (Required by Italian Law for stays of 89 days or fewer).

Instructions related to the visa and Permit of Stay applications are in the "STUDY ABROAD APPLICATION" section of this guide. Instructions related to the Permit of Stay and the Declaration of Presence will also be in the program guide supplied to you by LdM after program acceptance.

airplanebulletpointPermit of Stay


Some of these forms may be required twice - once before travel and once upon arrival. You must carry these with you even if you have already sent copies to LdM

Passport - 2 copies of the biographical page (the page with your picture)
LdM Personal Data form, completed and signed
LdM Housing Rules form, completed and signed
If you have a visa, you also need:
Visa - 2 copies of your visa (this is a stamp or a sticker on the "visa page" inside your passport
1 photocopy of every page in your entire passport (yes, this includes ALL OF THE BLANK PAGES!)
Your ORIGINAL LDM acceptance letter (the same letter which you will give to the Italian Consulate and which will be returned by the Consulate when you receive your visa.
CISI International Health Insurance Policy PLUS relevant information (related to international travel) from your PERSONAL health insurance policy if you have this.

Health Insurance

If I am on a UW Oshkosh-sponsored program, do I have insurance for medical and emergency services while studying abroad?

YES - but only during your official program dates! UW System requires all participants on UW Oshkosh-sponsored programs abroad to purchase insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). This insurance is included in your study abroad program fee; your coverage will begin on the first day on which you are required to be in the host country and end on or just after the last day on which you are required to be in the host country.

All benefits are clearly explained on the Description of Coverage. If your program begins

Are there additional insurance requirements?

In addition to CISI, all students studying through an Australian, German, Japanese or New Zealand university are required by the foreign government to carry additional health insurance and our partner in Canada (UNB) requires additional health insurance. You will receive instructions and the necessary paperwork to obtain your insurance card at your host university’s orientation.

How do I access information about my CISI coverage and print my insurance card?

Instructions on accessing information and printing your insurance card, among other things, are available from the myCISI portal. Use the CISI Participant Portal to

  • View, print and email your
    • Consulate letter (if you are applying for a visa to enter a foreign country, you may need this),
    • Claim form (submit this directly to CISI)
  • Access travel-related sites.
  • Research country specific information.
  • Access a personal security assistance website.
  • Extend your coverage (prior to or following your program dates).

I will arrive abroad prior to my official program start date and/or will return after my official program end date. Do I need to extend my insurance coverage if I'm on a UW Oshkosh-sponsored program?

YES! If you don't extend your insurance coverage, you won't be covered. Follow the instructions to extend coverage in the myCISI portal. You must pay for the additional coverage directly to CISI at the time that you request the extension.

Can I use my personal health insurance plan without purchasing additional insurance for travel abroad?

If studying on a UW Oshkosh-sponsored Program, no. UW System does not allow for the exemption of any participant for any reason.

If you are studying through a program not sponsored by or affiliated with UW Oshkosh, sickness and accident coverage while in a foreign country may be included in your personal health insurance plan, but it is rare for personal health insurance plans to cover medical evacuation, security evacuation, repatriation or emergency medical reunion. BEFORE you travel you should be familiar with the type of coverage you have and the steps you need to take in order to use your policy abroad. If you are not satisfied that you have sufficient coverage abroad, you can purchase a temporary policy.

My insurance company requires me to be a full-time student in order to take advantage of a lower premium. Will study abroad affect my ability to keep this premium?

Your insurance company may require you to be a full-time student in order to take advantage of lower premiums. IF you are NOT enrolled in classes at UW Oshkosh for a full semester (i.e. you are transferring credits back to UW Oshkosh at the end of your study abroad program), AND you are NOT enrolled for full-time credit through another accredited U.S. institution, this may affect your premiums. Information on your enrollment status is automatically extracted from UW Oshkosh records and sent to a Clearinghouse, which many insurance companies monitor. You will show up in the Clearinghouse as “not enrolled” at UW Oshkosh IF you are not enrolled for courses AT UW OSHKOSH, and your premiums may be affected.

In order to avoid problems, contact your insurance company BEFORE leaving for your study abroad destination. Your insurance company will either give you a form or a list of information which they need. You can fax this form/list to the institution abroad for verification of full-time status while studying there.

Please note that if you are on Academic Leave of Absence, you are being reported by UW Oshkosh as "not enrolled."

What are some insurance supplements or alternatives?

  • If you need comprehensive security evacuation insurance, Global Rescue and International SOS both offer to individuals.
  • At $22, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is a popular option for students. The ISIC can be purchased on line; policy details are available from the link above. To call STA Travel: 1-800-329-9537 (menu option “Student, youth and teacher identity cards”). A second option is to search on the internet or contact your local travel agent. There are many other insurance companies that will cover you during your time abroad.

What are medical evacuation, security evacuation, repatriation and medical reunion?

Medical evacuation, security evacuation and repatriation benefits cover the insured when the insured is moved to a location outside of the host country or returned to the U.S. because a medical condition cannot be treated locally, because of a security risk at the site abroad or because of the death of the insured. Medical reunion benefits cover a family member who travels to the location where the insured is undergoing medical treatment. If you have medical reunion, identify one or more family members who have a valid passport as your emergency contact. Anyone not holding a valid passport will need to apply for one before being able to take advantage of emergency medical reunion.

Is the insurance offered through CISI sufficient?

CISI insurance is not comprehensive. It is each participant's responsibility to review the policy for sufficient coverage. If you feel that coverage is insufficient, purchase additional coverage through your insurance agent. Do not cancel your health insurance policy in the U.S. while you are gone. In most cases, your international policy will cover you while you are gone and/or bring you back to the U.S., but once you return, your domestic policy will need to provide coverage.


Emergency Contacts

In a life and death emergency ABROAD

U.S. Department of State Citizen Emergency Center (1-202-647-5225) will relay messages to the foreign Embassy. Embassy personnel may try to locate your student, pass on urgent messages and, consistent with the Privacy Act, report back.

To reach your student directly

If your student is staying in a hotel, use the hotel contact information listed on the web page for your student's program. The Office of International Education cannot give out private residence or homestay phone numbers unless authorized in advance by the student, but we will contact your student for you in an emergency.

To reach someone at UW Oshkosh during office hours (7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F)

Office of International Education Phone: 1 (920) 424-0775
Jenna Graff: Director, Office of International Education -
Kelsey McDaniels, Study Abroad Advisor -
Emily Hoffmann: Hessen & NSE Advisor -
Mary Reinke: Program Manager -
Sarah Christensen : International Student Advisor -
Office of International Education Fax: 1 (920) 424-0185
Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor Phone: 1 (920) 424-1410
Office of the Provost & Vice Chancellor Phone: 1 (920) 424-0300

To reach someone at UW Oshkosh outside of normal office hours

University Police: 1 (920) 424-1216

To reach an on-site local contact, IN AN EMERGENCY ONLY.

Florence Campus: Call 011-39-55-283142, 011-39-55-287203, or 011-39-55-287360; Fax: 011-39-55-289514 or 011-39-55-2398920

Rome Campus: Call 011-39-6-420-10269 or 011-39-6-420-16903; Fax: 011-39-6-420-16916

Tuscania Campus: Call 011-39-761-445148 or Fax: 011-39-761-444814


To help you prepare for your travel experience away, we'll begin with an orientation through which we'll share information on topics such as course registration & enrollment, flights, itineraries, housing, meals, emergency contacts, financial planning, program withdrawal, health & personal security, and travel.

Your orientation consists of:

  • required reading materials
  • required on-line presentation
  • orientation quiz submitted to the OIE
  • optional in-person Q&A
  • in-person orientation with program leaders or department advcoates (These may be required or optional, or may not be offered for your particular program; check your program web guide and/or with your program leader for more information.)

The orientation deadline for fall interim & spring semester programs is the 2nd Friday in November. The on-line orientation deadline for spring interim, summer and fall semester programs is the 2nd Friday in April.

  • Participants who do not complete the orientation requirements prior to the orientation deadline will be removed from their programs. The withdrawal & refund policy will apply.
  • Share the this orientation with parents, spouses, and/or other family members who may also want to review the orientation. The orientation is open to anyone who would like to participate.


airplanebulletpointReading Materials - REQUIRED

Before beginning your on-line orientation, review the materials listed below; you will refer to these materials during the on-line orientation. Share these materials with interested family members.

airplanebulletpointOn-line Orientation - REQUIRED

Schedule approximately 90 minutes to focus on your on-line orientation.

To access the on-line orientation

  • Open the study away orientation in PowerPoint.
  • Click on the "Slide Show" tab along the top menu.
  • Click on the "Custom Slide Show" menu item.
  • Choose your program.

airplanebulletOrientation Quiz - REQUIRED

Complete your orientation requirement by submitting this orientation quiz to the Office of International Education by the orientation deadline.

airplanebulletProgram-specific Orientation - REQUIRED

All participants are required to complete the in-person program-specific orientation. This orientation covers topics not already covered in the on-line orientation and focuses on topics about which participants will have questions and will need clarification.

Participants who do not complete in-person program-specific orientation will be removed from their programs. The withdrawal & refund policy will apply.

Your in-person program-specific orientation will be held on

  • For Fall Interim and Spring Semester students - Monday, November 3, 2014 from 3-4pm in Dempsey 202.
  • For Summer & Fall Semester students - Wednesday, April 8, 2015 from 3-4 pm in Dempsey 202.

airplanebulletpointIn Person Q & A - OPTIONAL (Formerly called "Family Orientation")

Following completion of the on-line orientation, participants are invited to attend an OPTIONAL, in-personQ & A session on:

  • Fall Interim & Spring Semester programs: Sat, 11/8/14, 9:00am-1:00pm, Location TBA
  • Spring Interim, Summer and Fall Semester programs: Sat, 4/11/15, 9:00am-1:00pm, location TBA

Family member attendance at the Q & A session is invited and encouraged. Family members who plan to attend the Q & A session should understand that this will not replace the orientation outlined above. Family members should review the full orientation prior to attending in person.

Driving Directions to in-person Orientation: From highway 41, take the highway 21 exit east into Oshkosh (from the south, take a right; from the north, take a left).  After crossing the bridge, take a right onto High Avenue. Parking is available in Parking Lots 15 & 32 (available from High or Algoma) or Lot 34 (available from Elmwood). You can purchase a parking permit on campus (the parking office is accessible from Lot 15) or park only in lots with a meter. Campus Map

Accommodation During In-person Orientation: Accommodation is available on the Oshkosh campus to participants & family members. To make reservations, contact Gruenhagen Conference Center at (920) 424-1106. Be sure to reference the study abroad orientation when you call.


Cultural Adjustment Resources


airplanePointerCultural Adjustment

Culture & Key Facts


  • Fodors: French, German, Italian, Spanish useful phrases and word lists
  • Travlang: foreign language useful phrases and word lists with AUDIO


Polk Library

  • Back in the U.S.A.: Reflecting on your study abroad experience and putting it to work
  • Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication
  • Cross Cultural Communication: A Visual Approach
  • Developing Intercultural Awareness: A Cross-Cultural Training Handbook
  • Do's and Taboos of Preparing for Your Trip Abroad
  • Everybody's Guide to People Watching
  • Mindsets: The Role of Culture and Perception in International Relations
  • Safety and Study Abroad (32 minute video)
  • Study Abroad: A Parent's Guide
  • Survival Kit for Overseas Living: for Americans planning to live and work abroad
  • Whole World Guide to Culture Learning

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