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Hessen Student Exchange, Germany

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Orientation - Hochschule Darmstadt

Orientation - Hochschule Fulda

Orientation - University of Kassel

Orientation - Hochschule Frankfurt

Orientation - Justus-Liebig University Giessen

Orientation - University of Marburg

Locations: Kassel, Frankfurt, Fulda, Marburg, Darmstadt, and Giessen in the state of Hessen - Germany

International Summer Universities (ISU's) attract an international student population, offer subjects taught in English and include intensive German language. In addition to coursework, all ISU's and offer an impressive cultural program, complete with excursions, sight-seeing tours, guest lectures and/or social events.

Ben Ditter shares his experience at Philipps-Universitat Marburg.

Special Needs:

--ISU Marburg is most likely to be able to accommodate students with disabilites.

--ISU Fulda offers child care for children 1-8 years old.

Summer 2019 schedules and accomodations
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European Studies & Finance

Location: Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences & Goethe University
Dates: July 6th (July 7th arrival in Germany) - August 3rd, 2019
Courses: Topics in English include Intercultural Communication, European History, European Economic and Social Policy, European Law, European Central Banking, Money & Macroeconomics, Behavioral Finance, Corporate Finance, Negotiations in Debt Financing; multiple levels of German language
Accommodation: hotel

Cultural Diversity

Location: Fulda University of Applied Sciences
Dates: July 5th (July 6th arrival in Germany) - August 3rd, 2019
Courses: Topics in English include German History, Culture & Literature; Poverty; Music Therapy; Intl Health & Stress; Intercultural Communication; Social Work; Sustainability; Intercultural Aspects of Migration; multiple levels of German language
Accommodation: hotel

Innovation and Regulation in Pharma & Medtech

Location: Justus-Liebig University Giessen
Dates: July 19th (July 20th arrival in Germany) - August 11th, 2019
Courses: Interdisciplinary course taught in English covering business, health, law, ethics, natural sciences; multiple levels of German language
Accommodation: dormitory

New Perspectives for a Globalized World: Environmental, Scientific, and Cultural Dimensions

Location: University of Kassel
Dates: June 21st (arrival in Germany June 22nd) - July 20th, 2019
Courses: Topics in English include Environmental Engineering and Integrated Environmental Studies, Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change, Civil Engineering: Introduction to Earthquake Engineering, German History and Politics of the 20th Century, Intercultural Communication (in English), Topics in German include Deutsche Geschichte und Politik im 20. Jahrhundert, German Fairytales (in English and German); multiple levels of German language
Accommodation: host family

Energy-Efficient and Smart Building Infrastructure Systems

Location: Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
Dates: July 13th (July 14th arrival in Germany) - August 10th, 2019
Courses: Topics in English includeSmart Home, Building Automation and Control, Smart Living, Assisted Living, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Energy Efficiency versus Architecture, Energy Efficiency and Building Construction, Smart Grid, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Internet of Things (IoT), Building Systems Simulation, Intelligent Sensors, Controls and Measurements, Sustainable Buildings, Use of Sustainable Building Materials, User Interaction with Smart Building Infrastructures, and E-Mobility
Accommodation: hotel

German Engineering

Location: Technical University of Darmstadt
Dates: June 29th (arrival in Germany June 30th) - July 27th, 2019
Courses: Topics in English include Engineering ranging from Aerospace to Automotive and Energy Engineering.
Accommodation: dormitory

Germany and Europe in a Turbulent World: History, Politics, Society, and Culture

Location: University of Marburg
Dates: July 19th (arrival in Germany July 20th) - August 17th, 2019
Courses: Topics in English include German and European History, Politics, International Relations, Sociology, Cultural Studies, German Studies, European Integration, Peace and Conflict Studies
Accommodation: dormitory

airplanePointerCourse and Credit Transfer

When you study abroad/away on a program which does not grant UW Oshkosh credit, you may request that your courses be transfered to UW Oshkosh at the end of your program by soliciting prior approval for course and credit transfer. Transfer without prior approval IS NOT AUTOMATIC and IS NOT GUARANTEED.

Follow the instructions on the Transfer Credit Prior Approval formto have your courses pre-approved for transfer.

airplanePointerDPI Study Abroad Requirement for Foreign Language Teachers

College of Education & Human Services students planning to teach a foreign language after graduation must meet the DPI requirement for study abroad and must have a completed Certificate of Residency. For more information, visit the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Office on the third floor of Radford.

Money on Arrival

Carry approximately €150 (US$200) for homestay programs to €300 (US$400) for residence hall or apartment living in cash to cover transportation from the airport to your residence and living costs for the first few days.


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