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Seminar on Globalization: Africa's Experience in Kenya

Location: Egerton University - Njoro, Kenya
Dates: January 6 - 23, 2017
Courses: Human Services 325, 411, 420, 421; Liberal Studies 331; THSL 521
Accommodation: ARC conference center on campus
Program Model: Faculty-led
Contact: Dr. Alfred Kisubi, Nursing Education 509, 424-7236

Join a group of UW Oshkosh students and faculty leader Dr. Alfred Kisubi as you come to learn about and appreciate a wide range of natural resource, environmental, economic, health, educational, and cultural issues in the East African Rift Valley area of Central Kenya.

This interdisciplinary study abroad seminar is designed to study the socio-cultural, economic, historical and geo-political implications of globalization in an African country. There is heavy emphasis upon concepts, issues, and trends in globalization. An analysis of the impact of globalization on the people and all social institutions of an African Country is an important part of the seminar. The core of the seminar is a lecture series given by experts in the fields of history, politics, geography, economics, development philosophies, social anthropology, and the arts and humanities. Lecturers are drawn from Egerton University (EU) Nakuru School District as well as from among practitioners in the many fields of development, including non-governmental and private voluntary organizations working and conducting research in the country. 

Educational excursions to local historical, cultural, and development sites complement students’ 90 hours of class work. Sites to be visited may include some of the following: Primary and Secondary Schools at Christ the King Academy to practice Kiswahili, The HIV/AIDS Project, Street Children Program in the Nakuru Catholic Diocese, Lake Nakuru National Parks, Menengai Crater, the Nakuru Catholic Diocesan Peer Counseling, Water and health clinic programs, Lake Bogoria and Baringo hot springs and other tourist attractions. 

Two weeks of Seminar are broken into modules in which students concentrate on their studies in some of the following areas: Development in Practice, Health Care, Education and Human Services, Information Technology, Culture and Environment, Trade and Investment, International Business, Agriculture and Food Security, Politics and Democracy, International Finance and Commerce all in terms of the effects of globalization on Kenya. The first of these weeks is spent working with leading scholars at EU and touring sites in the Rift Valley area. The second week is spent working with leading scholars at BU and at selected field study sites around Nakuru and Njoro towns. These modules enable students to increase their range of in-country contacts, deepen their understanding of globalization and development issues, and have further access to scholars and campus life.

Academic Coursework

airplanePointer Course Information

Choose One

Human Services 325
- Internship (3 credits)
Prerequisites: Human Services 203, Human Services 310, a third Human Services core course (either 320, 335, or 340) for a total of 9 units, and Admission I.

Human Services 411 - Laboratory in Human Services Program Planning
(3 credits)
Prerequisites: Human Services 320, 340 and 360.

Human Services 420 - Advanced Internship (3 credits)
Prerequisite: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Human Services 410 and Admission II. Signed Human Services Internship Application Form must be submitted.

Human Services 421 - Advanced Internship (3 credits)
Prerequisites: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Human Services 440 and Admission II. Concurrent enrollment in Human Services 420/421/422 is required

Liberal Studies  331- Study Tour (3 credits)
Prerequisite: none

Transnational Human Services Leadership 521 (3 credits)
Prerequisites: Admission into the Transnational Human Services Leadership program

Optional Course

International Studies 333    1 unit (cr.)
This course is no longer an option on study abroad programs. Instead, explore adding the Global Scholar Designation to your major!

Full Estimated Cost of Participation

The "Full Estimated Cost of Participation" includes your Program Fee (the amount due directly to UW Oshkosh), your airfare and other expenses related to your participation on this program.

Full Estimated Cost of Participation: $6,181 in January 2017; TBA for January 2018

As part of the application process for this program, you are required to review, sign and submit the "Full Estimated Cost of Participation" worksheet for your program. The worksheet includes all of the cost details for your program and is linked from STEP III of the "Apply" section of this guide.   

Accommodation & Meals


Check the link for your accommodation for amenities, room size and location. Rooms can be extremely small. It isn't unusual to have very little space around the bed, shorter beds, only a few inches for a closet pole, tight showers and/or buildings directly outside your window.

Marble Arch Hotel (1st and/or Final night in Nairobi; or similar)
Address: Lagos Road, off Tom Mboya Street, P.O Box 12224 - 00400, Nairobi, Kenya; Tel: 011-254-020-240940, 245656, 245623; Fax: 011-254-020-245724; Email:

A.R.C. Hotel (Egerton University or similar); Students have single rooms with private bathrooms and warm-water showers in the A.R.C. hotel on the Egerton Campus. Rooms are equipped with bedding, towels, soap, shampoo and a mosquito net over the bed. Rooms are a one-minute walk from the A.R.C. dining facility where freshly-cooked meals are served three times per day. Tel: 011-254-51-62431 or 011-254-720-468472.


All meals are included in your program fee.

Review the estimate for the amount of money you should bring to cover meals in the Full Cost of Participation worksheet. It is not reasonable to think that you can save money by spending less than the food estimate provided by the OIE! This estimate is meant to be the BARE MINIMUM in relation to your particular destination!


Undergraduate students must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0, be in good standing, and meet course prerequisites. As part of the application process, your disciplinary file will be reviewed. If you have a campus disciplinary file, this will be taken into consideration when determining your eligibility. Undergraduates who do not meet minimum GPA and course requirements should contact the program leader prior to applying to determine course eligibility.

Graduate Students must be in full standing, have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0, have a clean disciplinary record, and meet course prerequisites.

Pre-/Post-travel Class Dates

Inability or failure to attend class prior to or following your program abroad may affect your ability to participate, course grades and/or ability to receive and use financial aid.

Application Process

airplanePointerBefore You Apply

  1. Write the deadline for completing the On-line Study Abroad Orientation - AND the date on which you must attend your Program-specific Orientation - in your calendar. Failure to complete orientation will affect your ability to participate.
  2. Write all payment deadlines in your calendar.
    If you aren't the person who will be making payments, share this information with the person who will be.
  3. Understand how seats are assigned on study abroad programs.
  1. Write all pre-/post-travel class dates in your calendar. Missing a session may make you ineligible for program participation.

airplanePointerSecuring Your Place on a Study Abroad Program

Seats are assigned in the order in which qualified applicants have completed STEPS I & II of the application process, provided STEP III has also been completed by the STEP III application deadline.

This means that you may be conditionally admitted following completion of steps I & II, but NOT receive a seat if you then fail to complete STEP III on time.

If you are on the waiting list, you may receive a seat if applicants who have been conditionally admitted have not completed STEP III by the deadline.

After the deadline, seats are assigned in the order in which qualified applicants have completed all three steps.

airplanePointerApplication Deadlines

Fall Interim Programs

STEPS I & II: Friday September 15th, 2017 by NOON

STEP III: 2nd Friday September 22nd, 2017 by NOON

STEP IV (post-application deadline): by the 1st Friday in November by 12:00 pm.

airplanePointerApplication STEPs & Application Checklist

Complete the three steps below in order, or work on all three steps simultaneously. Check off items as you SUBMIT them to the Office of International Education.

Step I
Complete the on-line study abroad/away application.

**Be aware that the application will time out without warning! Save often, and if you answering the longer questions we recommend typing them into a Word document and pasting them in to the online application.
Refer to the Orientation section for orientation dates.
Step II
Print the application packet and sign where appropriate.
Pay the UW Oshkosh application fee
( $200 for in-state residents and $300 for out-of-state residents) per the instructions in the application packet and turn in your receipt to the OIE. If you have mailed the application fee to the Cashier's Office, notify the OIE so that OIE staff can contact the Cashier's Office for confirmation.
Print an unofficial copy of your university transcript

course prerequisites (if applicable) and final GPA.

To print your unofficial transcripts:
1) Login to TitanWeb
2) Select "Transcript: View Unofficial" using the drop-down menu
3) Select "Unofficial Transcript" in the Report Type drop-down menu
4) Click "View Report"
5) The transcript will process as a PDF. This can take a few minutes. If you do not see your transcript, turn off your pop-up blocker.
6) Print
Special Student Form for Undergraduate Admissions
Complete and submit to the OIE ONLY IF you are not a student at UW Oshkosh OR if you are not a student at all.
Graduate Registration Form and Graduate Special/Non-Degree Information Form
Complete and submit to the OIE ONLY IF you are not in a Graduate program at UW Oshkosh and want to earn graduate level credit, or if you are in a Graduate program at UW Oshkosh and want to earn undergraduate level credit.
Submit the Disciplinary Clearance Form
Complete ONLY IF:

1) You are a student at a university or college OTHER THAN UW Oshkosh. Submit this form to the appropriate office on your HOME campus; request that the office on your HOME campus submit the form directly to the UW Oshkosh OIE by the deadline for this step of the application process.
2) You transferred to UW Oshkosh in the last 12 months. Submit this form to the appropriate office on the campus(es) you transferred from; request that the office on your transfer campus(es) submit the form directly to the UW Oshkosh OIE by the deadline for this step of the application process.


Program-specific Application Materials/Requirements:

Waiver form
Human Services Internship Application Form
Complete and submit a SIGNED COPY to the OIE ONLY IF you are eligible to take HUMAN SV 325 or HUMAN SV 420 through this program. You can access this form from the Human Services Leadership
OPTIONAL: Click here to apply for the State of Wisconsin Travel Grant!
Step III
Review, sign and submit the Full Cost of Participation worksheet.
* not yet available for 2014
Edit the "medical" and "medical III" sections of your on-line study abroad application to ensure that every question is complete. Each and every question must be answered, even if the answer is obviously "none" or "n/a"!
Provide proof of passport
Complete only if you will travel outside the U.S.

If you already have a passport
, edit the "passport" section of your on-line study abroad application to include all requested passport details.

If you do not already have a passport, apply for one and submit a copy of your receipt to the OIE showing that you have applied.

Click here for passport forms and instructions.
Edit the "passport" section of your on-line study abroad application to include your full name.

If you are traveling OUTSIDE the U.S., enter your full name EXACTLY as it appears on your passport or on your passport application.  DO NOT GUESS! 

If you are traveling WITHIN the U.S. (including Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), enter your name EXACTLY as it appears on your driver’s license.  DO NOT GUESS! 

Your name will be printed on your airline ticket exactly as you enter it.  If the name on your airline ticket does not match the name on your identification, you will be charged a correction fee or may not be allowed through airport security.
Program-specific Application Materials/Requirements:
Two passport-size photos
These photos must be full face (showing both ears). Print your name CLEARLY on the back of each photo. These will be submitted with the visa application.

Step IV (post-application deadline)

You must turn in a signed passport valid for 6 months from the date of arrival in the foreign country. It must have at least THREE blank visa pages (in addition to the notes pages). Your passport will be sent to the Consulate, along with your visa application, to apply for a visa.
International Inoculation Certificate against Yellow Fever
This is ONLY required if you have traveled to a high-risk Yellow Fever country within the past 6 months.     
Your certificate will be sent to the Kenyan Consulate, along with your visa application and passport, to apply for a visa.
List of Authorized U.S. yellow fever vaccine centers.
Visa Application for Kenya
This process is done online, wait for further details from the OIE before beginning.    



Paying Your Program Fee

airplaneBulletPointFinancial Aid

Using financial aid to cover some or all of your costs? See our detailed financial aid information.

airplanePointerPayment Deadlines

Fall Interim Programs

...more on payment deadlines

airplanePointerFirst Program Fee Payment

Your emailed study abroad acceptance letter (the one that says that you have been officially accepted to participate) includes a link to a statement for your first payment. This statement will not be sent to you in any other way. No one else will receive this statement or a copy of your bill; no further reminders will be sent. It is your responsibility to make payments according to the payment deadlines; you will need to forward your statement to the person who pays your bills if you are not that person!!!

The initial Program Fee Statement is also provided here. You can use this copy or the copy included in your acceptance letter (they are identical) when paying your fees.

airplanebulletpointSecond Program Fee Payment

You will receive a link to a statement for your second payment VIA EMAIL from the Office of International Education just prior to the second payment deadline. Some programs have been advertised using a range of fees; if this is the case, you must plan to cover fees at the top end of the range until you receive your second statement. This statement will indicate whether there have been cost savings due to increased participant numbers, exchange rates, etc. and, therefore, a reduced program fee.

airplanebulletpointTuition Payment

If your program includes a required tuition payment IN ADDITION TO YOUR PROGRAM FEE, this will be clearly indicated on the Full Cost of Participation Worksheet linked within the "Apply" section of this guide.

For interim programs, follow the program fee payment deadlines ($1,000 total due by the first deadline date, the remaining tuition and program fee due by the final deadline date).

For semester & summer programs, tuition will be billed by Student Accounts just before the term at UW Oshkosh begins, just as it normally is. It is your responsibility to make payments according to the normal university tuition payment deadlines.

airplanebulletpointPayment by Cash or Check

All payments by cash or check must be accompanied by a copy of your program fee statement. Make checks payable to “The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh” and write “Study Abroad” in the memo section. Pay fees at the Cashier's Office on the second floor of Dempsey Hall or mail your check to: Cashier's Office, UW Oshkosh, 800 Algoma Blvd, Oshkosh, WI 54901. Cashier office hours: Mon – Fri 8:30-4:00 (8:30-3:00 the day after Thanksgiving).

airplanebulletpointPayment by Credit Card or E-check

Payment by MasterCard or American Express carries a 2.5% convenience fee and can be made through TitanWeb E-checks carry a fee of $0.50 per transaction.

airplanebulletpointPayment by Financial Aid, Grant, Scholarship or External Loan

Submit the "Notice of Financial Aid Award for Study Abroad" form to Student Accounts by the first payment deadline. Students who plan to to cover some costs on their own and remaining costs using financial aid, grants or scholarships must pay costs not covered by aid/loans/scholarships, up to $1,000, by the first payment deadline.

For UW Oshkosh students, financial aid will automatically be applied toward study abroad-related fees on your student account. If you are a student elsewhere, you may need to pick up your change check from your home campus, cash the check, and send payment to UW Oshkosh.

Once your "Notice of Financial Aid Award for Study Abroad" form has been submitted, a "positive service indicator" will appear on your record indicating that financial aid will be paying your study abroad program fees.  This should not prevent you from doing anything except printing transcripts.


Scholarships offered through UW Oshkosh and outside organizations. 


Flight & Program Schedule

airplanebulletpointOshkosh - Departure

Mode of transportation: school bus

Meeting Date & Time: January 6th, 2017 at 12:15 PM

Departure Time: 12:30 PM

Departure Location: Parking Lot 30 (616 Pearl Ave, next to Gruenhagen)

airplanePointerFrom Oshkosh to the Airport

If the "mode of transportation" to the airport for your program is "bus", there is a bus scheduled to take participants from Oshkosh to the airport.

If there is a bus, and if you plan to ride the bus...
your on-line study abroad application must show "I will take the group bus from Oshkosh to the airport" on the transportation tab. You may request a pickup or end-of-program drop-off in Milwaukee by emailing If you don't make this request in advance, the bus will not stop in Milwaukee. Check your on-line application if you aren't sure what you indicated when you first applied; if the information is incorrect, edit your information AT LEAST two business days prior to your departure.

If there is a bus, and if you do not plan to ride the bus...
your on-line study abroad application must show "I will arrange for my own transportation from Oshkosh to the airport" on the transportation tab. It is then your responsibility to arrange for transportation between your residence and the airport and to arrange to meet the group at the airport. Check your on-line application if you aren't sure what you indicated when you first applied; if the information is incorrect, edit your information AT LEAST two business days prior to your departure.

Park in UW Oshkosh Lot 30 with a Valid UW Oshkosh Parking Permit

If you have a valid UW Oshkosh commuter parking permit (look for the “S” on your permit) AND will be away for one month or less over summer break or interim, you may park in university parking lot 30 (located next to Gruenhagen Conference Center), for the duration of your study abroad program.  You must use one of the stalls that is furthest from the parking lot entrance.  Check the expiration date on your parking permit to be sure that it is valid for the duration of your program. 

Students with “evening parking permits” (also called a night permit) may not leave cars parked in this lot for the duration of their program.

If you don't have a valid permit, you may purchase a temporary permit from Parking Services ((920) 424-4455) in the lower level of Blackhawk.

airplanebulletpointFlight - Departure

6 JANUARY 2017
6:55 PM Depart Chicago on Qatar Airways Flight #726

7 JANUARY 2017
5:05 PM Arrive at the Doha International Airport
6:40 PM Depart Doha on Qatar Airways Flight #1341

8 JANUARY 2017
12:20 AM Arrive in Nairobi, Kenya

airplanebulletpointProgram Schedule

Past program itinerary for reference only - future itineraries will vary!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner on campus except where noted.

January 9-10, 2015

Arrive Nairobi.

Morning Tour of Nairobi

Travel to Egerton University

January 11, 2015

Morning: Visit to Menengai Creator

Afternoon: 1. Introduction to Seminar on Glabalization; 2. Kenyan History and Culture

January 12, 2015

Morning: Visit to Menengai Creator

Afternoon: 1. Introduction to Seminar on Globalization; 2. Kenyan History and Culture

January 13, 20145

Morning: Visit to Lake Nakuru Part to see flamingoes, lions, rhinos, etc

Afternoon: 1. Introduction to Kiswahili; 2. Ethnic and sociological issues in Kenyan 

January 14, 2015

Travel to Maasai Mara Game Reserve

January 15, 2015

Tour to Maasai Mara Game Reserve

January  16, 2015

Travel back to Egerton University

January 17, 2015

Morning:  Rest

Afternoon: Visit Lord Egerton Castle

January 18, 2015

Morning: Visit the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru (Peer counseling and water programmes, and CDN Health Clinic)

Afternoon: 1.Introduction to Political Issues in Kenya 2.National, Regional, and Continental Development

January 19, 2015

Morning: Visit Kericho Tea Estate

Afternoon: 1. Issues in Primary and Alternative Healthcare

January 20, 2015

Morning: Visit with and interview Egerton University Students

Afternoon: 1. Education and Human Resource Development in Kenya; 2. Current Economic and Social Issues in Kenya

January 21, 2015

Morning: Visit the Kericho Tea Estates

Afternoon: TBD

January 22, 2015

Free day for shopping in Nakuru Town, visiting with friends, and farewell party.

January 23, 2015

Morning: 1. Issues in Primary and Alternative Healthcare in Kenya; 2.Education and human resource development in Kenya;

Afternoon: 3. Current Economic and Social Issues in Kenya; visit and interview Edgerton University students

January 24, 2015

Visit Naivasha Horticultural Farms and the Eburru Geotherman Power Plant

January 25, 2015


Your time at Egerton University will include field trips, cultural lectures, and seminars on special topics that complement the field trips. These seminars will include important political, economic, environmental, and educational issues in modern Kenyan society.

As you travel from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, to Egerton University in Njoro and within the Rift Valley, you will pass through small and large scale tea and coffee estates and Lake Naivasha's export-oriented estates, where string beans and flowers for sale in Europe are grown. Other sites of interest may include Lake Nakuru National Park, Kericho tea estates, Maasai cattle herders, dairy farms, and Lake Bogoria with flamingos and hot springs.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh reserves the right to make changes to itineraries, travel arrangements, hotels, excursions, activities or other arrangements made necessary by factors beyond its control. On certain dates when some attractions or activities may not be available, UW Oshkosh reserves the right to substitute alternate attractions or activities.

airplanebulletpointFlight - Return

23 JANUARY 2017
1:20 AM Depart Nairobi on Qatar Airways Flight #1342
7:00 AM Arrive at Doha International Airport
8:05 AM Depart Doha on Qatar Airways Flight #725
1:55 PM Arrive in Chicago

airplanebulletpointOshkosh - Return

Mode of transportation: school bus

Estimated date & time: No earlier than 6:00 PM on January 23rd, 2017

Return Location: Parking Lot 30 (616 Pearl Ave, next to Gruenhagen)

Visas & Residence Permits


A visa is an endorsement or stamp placed by officials of a foreign country on a U.S. passport that makes it possible for the bearer to visit that foreign country. U.S. citizens and citizens from many other countries must apply for a visa prior to traveling to your host country.

Instructions related to the visa application are in the "STUDY ABROAD APPLICATION" section of this guide.


Health Insurance

See our new "Insurance" page for details.

Emergency Contacts

In a life and death emergency ABROAD

U.S. Department of State Citizen Emergency Center (1-202-647-5225) will relay messages to the foreign Embassy. Embassy personnel may try to locate your student, pass on urgent messages and, consistent with the Privacy Act, report back.

To reach your student directly

If your student is staying in a hotel, use the hotel contact information listed on the web page for your student's program. The Office of International Education cannot give out private residence or homestay phone numbers unless authorized in advance by the student, but we will contact your student for you in an emergency.

To reach someone at UW Oshkosh during office hours (7:45 am - 4:30 pm M-F)

Office of International Education Phone: 1 (920) 424-0775
Jenna Graff: Director, Office of International Education -
Kelsey McDaniels, Study Abroad Advisor -
Mary Reinke: Program Manager -
Office of International Education Fax: 1 (920) 424-0185
Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor Phone: 1 (920) 424-1410
Office of the Provost & Vice Chancellor Phone: 1 (920) 424-0300

To reach someone at UW Oshkosh outside of normal office hours

University Police: 1 (920) 424-1216

To reach an on-site local contact, IN AN EMERGENCY ONLY.

The UW Oshkosh program leader can be reached using the contact information listed under Accommodation in this guide.

Fr. Dr. Stephen Mbugua Ngari, program organizer at Egerton University in Kenya; Address: P.O. Box 536, NJORO, Kenya; Phone: 011-254-722-769-765 (cell);  011-254-376-2397 (home); Email:


To help you prepare for your travel experience away, we'll begin with an orientation through which we'll share information on topics such as course registration & enrollment, flights, itineraries, housing, meals, emergency contacts, financial planning, program withdrawal, health & personal security, and travel.

Your orientation consists of:

  • required reading materials
  • required on-line presentation
  • orientation quiz submitted to the OIE
  • optional in-person Q&A
  • in-person orientation with program leaders or department advcoates (These may be required or optional, or may not be offered for your particular program; check your program web guide and/or with your program leader for more information.)

The orientation deadline for fall interim & spring semester programs is the 1st Friday in November.

  • Participants who do not complete the orientation requirements prior to the orientation deadline will be removed from their programs. The withdrawal & refund policy will apply.
  • Share the this orientation with parents, spouses, and/or other family members who may also want to review the orientation. The orientation is open to anyone who would like to participate.


airplanebulletpointIn Person Q & A - OPTIONAL

The date below is what you will enter in the "Orientation" section of your online application!

Following completion of the on-line orientation, participants are invited to attend an OPTIONAL, in-person Q & A session on:

  • Fall Interim & Spring Semester programs: Sat, 11/4/17, 9:00am-1:00pm, Location TBA

Family member attendance at the Q & A session is invited and encouraged. Family members who plan to attend the Q & A session should understand that this will not replace the orientation outlined above. Family members should review the full orientation prior to attending in person.

airplanebulletpointReading Materials - REQUIRED

Before beginning your on-line orientation, review the materials listed below; you will refer to these materials during the on-line orientation. Share these materials with interested family members.

airplanebulletpointOn-line Orientation - REQUIRED

Schedule approximately 90 minutes to focus on your on-line orientation.

To access the on-line orientation

  • Open the study away orientation in PowerPoint.
  • Click on the "Slide Show" tab along the top menu.
  • Click on the "Custom Slide Show" menu item.
  • Choose your program.

airplanebulletOrientation Quiz - REQUIRED

Complete your orientation requirement by submitting this orientation quiz to the Office of International Education by the orientation deadline.

airplanebulletProgram-specific Orientation - REQUIRED

All participants are required to complete the in-person program-specific orientation. This orientation covers topics not already covered in the on-line orientation and focuses on topics about which participants will have questions and will need clarification.

Participants who do not complete in-person program-specific orientation will be removed from their programs. The withdrawal & refund policy will apply.

Your in-person program-specific orientation will be held on



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