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This is the Schedule and orientation page for this program. If you are looking for the program's website, click here.

Flight & Program Schedule

airplanebulletpointOshkosh - Departure

Mode of transportation: school bus

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Departure Time: TBD

Departure Location: Parking Lot 30 (616 Pearl Ave, next to Gruenhagen)

airplanePointerFrom Oshkosh to the Airport

If the "mode of transportation" to the airport for your program is "bus", there is a bus scheduled to take participants from Oshkosh to the airport.

If there is a bus, and if you plan to ride the bus...
your on-line study abroad application must show "I will take the group bus from Oshkosh to the airport" on the transportation tab. You may request a pickup or end-of-program drop-off in Milwaukee by emailing If you don't make this request in advance, the bus will not stop in Milwaukee. Check your on-line application if you aren't sure what you indicated when you first applied; if the information is incorrect, edit your information AT LEAST two business days prior to your departure.

If there is a bus, and if you do not plan to ride the bus...
your on-line study abroad application must show "I will arrange for my own transportation from Oshkosh to the airport" on the transportation tab. It is then your responsibility to arrange for transportation between your residence and the airport and to arrange to meet the group at the airport. Check your on-line application if you aren't sure what you indicated when you first applied; if the information is incorrect, edit your information AT LEAST two business days prior to your departure.

Park in UW Oshkosh Lot 30 with a Valid UW Oshkosh Parking Permit

If you have a valid UW Oshkosh commuter parking permit (look for the “S” on your permit) AND will be away for one month or less over summer break or interim, you may park in university parking lot 30 (located next to Gruenhagen Conference Center), for the duration of your study abroad program.  You must use one of the stalls that is furthest from the parking lot entrance.  Check the expiration date on your parking permit to be sure that it is valid for the duration of your program. 

Students with “evening parking permits” (also called a night permit) may not leave cars parked in this lot for the duration of their program.

If you don't have a valid permit, you may purchase a temporary permit from Parking Services ((920) 424-4455) in the lower level of Blackhawk.

airplanebulletpointFlight - Departure


airplanebulletpointProgram Schedule

Past program itinerary for reference only - future itineraries will vary!

May 19, 2016: Arrive Beijing, connecting flight to Taiyuan     
       - Met by Mr. Wang at airport and Transport to hotel, rest.
       - Take China Eastern flight MU5300, etd 1030P - eta 1155P

 May 20, 2016: Taiyuan  
- Free morning to rest and relax.
       - Afternoon visit Mr.Wang's hometown in rural of  Taiyuan
       - Group dinner at local restaurant.  

May 21, 2016: Taiyuan    
       - Shanxi Museum & Yingze Park in the morning,
       - Group lunch at local restaurant.
       - Transport to learn noodle making in the afternoon & have a noodles dinner
       - Return to hotel.

 May 22, 2016: 
       - Transport to Pingyao (2 hr drive)
       - Visit Pingyao Old Town & group lunch in the old town
       - In the afternoon visit Qiao Family Courtyard
       - Return to Taiyuan, group dinner at local restaurant
       - Back to hotel  

 May 23: Taiyuan, Taiyuan/Xian by speed train  
       - Take train to Xian (3.5 hours ride)
       - Arrive Xian, met by our guide and transport hotel of Xian
       - Visit to Xian Ancient City Wall & take a bicycle ride
       - Group dinner at Xian Defachang dumpling restauran
       - Return to hotel.

May 24, 2016: Xian
       - In the morning, Terra Cotta Museum, visit Pit No.1 & Pit No.2 - the highlights of the Terra Cotta Soldiers and Horses
       - Group lunch on tour
       - After lunch, transport to visit Han Yang Ling - the mausoleum of Han Dynasty's Jing Emperor, visit
       - Return to Xian

May 25, 2016: Xian-Huashan Mountain-Xian
       - Transport to Huashan in morning (2.5 hr drive)
       - Take cable car up to Huashan Mountain - Western Peak
       - Box lunch
       - Cable car back down the mountain and drive back to Xian
       - Free evening. 

May 26, 2106: Xian/Chongqing by flight
      - Some free time in the morning
       - Then transfer to airport and take flight to Chongqing: Hainan Airlines Flight HU           7859, etd 0140P - eta 0310A
       - Group lunch at airport
       - Arrive Chongqing airport, met by MR. BEN BROWN
       - Transport to hotel of Chongqing to check in  
May 27, 2016: Chongqing 
       - Activities by Mr. Ben Brown
       - Afternoon and evening activities with coach by FJCCT       

May 28, 2016: Chongqing
      - activities by Mr. Ben Brown

May 29, 2016: Chongqing/Yangtze Cruise
      - Free day
      - In the evening, transport to the pier to board Yangtze River cruise ship
      - Cruise starts later in the evening around 9PM

May 30- June 1, 2016: Yangtze Cruise

June 1, 2016: Cruise arrives at Yichang Port
       - More cruise in the morning & final shore excursion - to visit the Three Gorges              Dam, the largest hydraulic project in the world
       - Disembark at noon
       - Meet our Yichang guide, & transfer to Yichang city
       - Group lunch, followed by some tours in Yichang
       - Transport to station and take overnight train to to Beijing in the evening

June 2, 2016: arrive Beijing
        - Arrive Beijing, transfer to hotel for breakfast, rest in rooms if available
        - In the afternoon bus tour around Beijing, see Olympic Stadium & famous                   landmarks,
        - Visit Wangfujing Shopping Street and tour the night market at Donghuamen
        - Back to hotel.

June 3, 2016: Beijing
      - Free day

June 4, 2016: Beijing
      - Free day

June 5, 2016 Beijing
       - Morning visit Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square
       - Group lunch on tour
       - Bus drop off at Pearl Market
       - Rest of the day on your own, back to hotel on your own.

June 6, 2016 Beijing/Jinshanling
       - Check out from hotel. Leave around 1 PM.  
       - Have bus stop on the way to eat at a fast food restaurant (KFC, McDonalds)
       - Drive to Jinshanling, check in Jinshanling hotel
       - Group dinner at Jinshanling Hotel

June 7, 2016: Jinshanling/Beijing
      - This morning, climb Jinshanling Great Wall
      - Group Lunch at jinshanling hotel.
      - Drive back to Beijing

June 8, 2016: After breakfast, transport back to Beijing.

June 9, 2016:  - Transfer to airport, return flight to Chicago.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh reserves the right to make changes to itineraries, travel arrangements, hotels, excursions, activities or other arrangements made necessary by factors beyond its control. On certain dates when some attractions or activities may not be available, UW Oshkosh reserves the right to substitute alternate attractions or activities.

airplanebulletpointFlight - Return


airplanebulletpointOshkosh - Return

Mode of transportation: school bus

Estimated date & time: TBD

Return Location: Parking Lot 30 (616 Pearl Ave, next to Gruenhagen)

Visas & Residence Permits


A visa is an endorsement or stamp placed by officials of a foreign country on a U.S. passport that makes it possible for the bearer to visit that foreign country. U.S. citizens and citizens from many other countries must apply for a visa prior to traveling to your host country.

Instructions related to the visa application are in the "STUDY ABROAD APPLICATION" section of this guide.

airplanePointerProof of Legal Entry & Stay

Foreigners are required to provide proof of legal entry and stay to authorities upon request. This means that as a foreigner, you will be required to carry the document/s listed below at all times. Check the Entry/Exit Requirements section of theU.S. State Department's Country-specific Informationfor your destination for details.


Chinese law requires that you carry an unexpired U.S. passport and either your Chinese visa (this is in your passport) or residence permit (this is for semester/year abroad students) at all times. Chinese authorities will not accept a photocopy of your passport or your residence permit. Additionally, Chinese authorities are entitled to carry out random checks for these documents. If you are not in compliance, you will be subject to fines, detention, and/or deportation. Do NOT carry your documents in a purse or pocket. You should carry these documents securely, for example, in a money belt.


Health Insurance

See our new "Insurance" page for details.

Emergency Contacts

In a life and death emergency ABROAD

U.S. Department of State Citizen Emergency Center (1-202-647-5225) will relay messages to the foreign Embassy. Embassy personnel may try to locate your student, pass on urgent messages and, consistent with the Privacy Act, report back.

To reach your student directly

If your student is staying in a hotel, use the hotel contact information listed on the web page for your student's program. The Office of International Education cannot give out private residence or homestay phone numbers unless authorized in advance by the student, but we will contact your student for you in an emergency.

To reach someone at UW Oshkosh during office hours (7:45 am - 4:30 pm M-F)

Office of International Education Phone: 1 (920) 424-0775
Jenna Graff: Director, Office of International Education -
Kelsey McDaniels, Study Abroad Advisor -
Emily Hoffmann: Hessen & NSE Advisor -
Mary Reinke: Program Manager -
Office of International Education Fax: 1 (920) 424-0185
Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor Phone: 1 (920) 424-1410
Office of the Provost & Vice Chancellor Phone: 1 (920) 424-0300

To reach someone at UW Oshkosh outside of normal office hours

University Police: 1 (920) 424-1216

To reach an on-site local contact, IN AN EMERGENCY ONLY.

UW Oshkosh faculty leaders will be staying in the same hotels as the students (see Accommodation above).

Program Leader Will Morrison's cell phone in China: TBA upon arrival

FJCCT/Classic China Travel - Bernard Wu
Cell: 011-86137-6381-8199; Tel: 011-86-591-8727-9788; Fax:011-86-591-8767-0946


To help you prepare for your travel experience away, we'll begin with an orientation through which we'll share information on topics such as course registration & enrollment, flights, itineraries, housing, meals, emergency contacts, financial planning, program withdrawal, health & personal security, and travel.

Your orientation consists of:

  • required reading materials
  • required on-line presentation
  • orientation quiz submitted to the OIE
  • optional in-person Q&A
  • in-person orientation with program leaders or department advcoates (These may be required or optional, or may not be offered for your particular program; check your program web guide and/or with your program leader for more information.)

The orientation deadline for spring interim, summer and fall semester programs is the 2nd Friday in April.

  • Participants who do not complete the orientation requirements prior to the orientation deadline will be removed from their programs. The withdrawal & refund policy will apply.
  • Share the this orientation with parents, spouses, and/or other family members who may also want to review the orientation. The orientation is open to anyone who would like to participate.


airplanebulletpointIn Person Q & A - OPTIONAL

The date below is what you will enter in the "Orientation" section of your online application!

Following completion of the on-line orientation, participants are invited to attend an OPTIONAL, in-person Q & A session on:

  • Spring Interim, Summer and Fall Semester programs: Sat, 4/8/17, 9:00am-1:00pm, location TBA

Family member attendance at the Q & A session is invited and encouraged. Family members who plan to attend the Q & A session should understand that this will not replace the orientation outlined above. Family members should review the full orientation prior to attending in person.

airplanebulletpointReading Materials - REQUIRED

Before beginning your on-line orientation, review the materials listed below; you will refer to these materials during the on-line orientation. Share these materials with interested family members.

airplanebulletpointOn-line Orientation - REQUIRED

Schedule approximately 90 minutes to focus on your on-line orientation.

To access the on-line orientation

  • Open the study away orientation in PowerPoint.
  • Click on the "Slide Show" tab along the top menu.
  • Click on the "Custom Slide Show" menu item.
  • Choose your program.

airplanebulletOrientation Quiz - REQUIRED

Complete your orientation requirement by submitting this orientation quiz to the Office of International Education by the orientation deadline.



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