UW Oshkosh

Nicaragua: Gender, Poverty, and Activism

: Granada, Nicaragua
Dates: January (odd years only)
Course: Women's Studies 399, Social Justice 399
Accommodation: TBD
Program Model: Faculty-led
Contact: Liz Cannon, CCED 005 (LGBTQ Resource Center), 424-3462


LEARN about women, poverty, and activism in Nicaragua

UNDERSTAND how a service-learning project can be the basis for grassroots activism

COLLABORATE with a rural community to build a sustainable future

APPRECIATE a culture that is different from your own

This program is offered in coordination with Central America Study Abroad (CASA). See their site to understand what your experience will feel like!

Take a look at the January 2011 proposed service-learning project - making ECO-STOVES for a rural community outside of Grananda, Nicaragua !!!


Program Application & Guide
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