UW Oshkosh

Cross-Cultural Psychology Research in Brazil

Location: Salvador - Brazil
Dates: Spring Interim 2015
Courses: Psych 225, 480; Portuguese
Accommodation: host family
Program Model: Faculty-led
Contact: Quin Chrobak, Clow Faculty 29, 920-424-2300


LIVE with a Brazilian host family!

DESIGN and carry through a cross-cultural research project with a Brazilian partner.

PRESENT your results in Brazil and at UW Oshkosh Research and Scholarship Day after returning to the United States.

VISIT Lencois, Praia do Forte, and city museums, a folklore show and a Candomble show.

Participants attend classes on cross-cultural research methods at the Cultural Association of United States and Brazil (Associacao Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos~ACBEU) English Language Institute in Salvador, Brazil.

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Program Application & Guide
October 5, 2012