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Black Howler Monkey Research in Belize

: Belize
Dates: future program dates are t.b.d.
Courses: Psych 225 (SS; 3 cr) or Psych 480 (SS; 3 cr); grad options available
Accommodation: multi-bed rooms
Program Model: Faculty-led
Contact: Kathleen Stetter, Clow Faculty 17, 424-7174


Join a small group of UW Oshkosh psychology and biology students on a field study of howler monkeys (Aloutta pigra). Participate in on-going research studies and help plan future studies of captive and free-ranging monkeys.

Refine and practice field observation skills learned in the classroom.

The research program includes morning and afternoon data collection sessions. Participants spend approximately six to eight hours per day working directly on the field study and on associated activities such as entering data on computer spread sheets, discussing data analysis techniques, and personal journaling. Evening classes at the Tropical Education Center include presentations on howler monkey biology and behaviour and rain forest ecology.

Visit a community elementary school and conduct short interactive programs.

The cultural program includes daily contact with the diverse ethnic groups in Belize. You may visit an archeological site, grass-roots conservation projects, and a milpa (agricultural plot). You will have opportunities to explore the rivers by canoe and interact with researchers and Belize nationals employed at the TEC.

Put travel ethics and eco-ethics into practice.

This program is open to Psychology and Biology Majors or minors and other students interested in animal behavior, rain forest conservation, or developing countries.

Learn more about the Howler Monkey (a threatened species) and the research.

See images of Mayan ruins, expedition photos and reports.


Program Application & Guide
October 19, 2011