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The Dean of Students Staff are the backbone of the Odyssey program. The Dean of Students Staff are  involved in pretty much every "piece" of the Odyssey "pie", under the direction of the Odyssey Coordinator.  Some responsibilities include hiring leaders and captains, developing and setting up both the Advisement and Registration and Orientation Week Schedules, organizing locations and presenters, and overseeing all aspects of the Odyssey program. The Coordinator works as a team to make the Odyssey experience a success and enjoyable for you.

Odyssey Captains

The Odyssey Captains are the organizers of your Odyssey experience.  They are UW Oshkosh students who were chosen to lead this program.  Their goal is to make your Odyssey, your transition to college, informational and fun.  Each Captain is in charge of a different group of Odyssey Leaders. The Captains play a vital role during Advisement and Registration assisting in your first transition to the University.


Odyssey Leaders

These are students who have volunteered their time to be a part of the Odyssey Experience. Many of them have been Odyssey Leaders before, so this is not the first time they have been part of the Odyssey Experience.  Others enjoyed their experience last year and decided to give their time to make this years Odyssey Experience as good as theirs.


Dean of Students Home Page


University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Orientation
Odyssey 2015 is sponsored by the Offices of the Provost/Vice Chancellor
and the Dean of Students

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