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Advisement and Registration: Information and Dates


To introduce new students to our campus and the college experience.
To assist in choosing a field of study and registering for classes.
To begin your Odyssey: The transition to college life.

What to Expect:

Odyssey 2016: The Beginning - The day includes some large informational sessions, some small group discussions and tours, and one-on-one advising.  In the afternoon you will be putting together your own schedule with the help of Advisement, and Odyssey staff.  You will receive your fall class schedule.

There are also sessions for parents called "The Adventure of Letting Go." These are sessions which take place while the new students are learning about campus and scheduling classes.

Odyssey 2016: Advisement and Registration

May Dates
June Dates
Wednesday, May 18 Wednesday, June 15
Thursday, May 19
Thursday, June 16
Friday, May 20
Friday, June 17
Saturday, May 21
Saturday, June 18
Tuesday, May 24
Wednesday, May 25
Thursday, May 26
Friday, May 27


Questions about your Odyssey date:
(i.e. what is your date and date changes) should be directed to:

Laurie Stevens, Admissions Office
(920) 424-7384


You must be available to participate in the entire day (approximately 7:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Do not choose a day when you have a school activity, athletic event, or work commitment that requires you to leave early.


Here are some related areas that you might find interesting...

Advisement/Registration - Contains information about the advisement and registration process, majors and minors, course descriptions, and graduation requirements.

Introduction to Titan Web Session

Campus Tour - This site takes you on a tour of campus, to all of the major buildings.  Additional information about each place is also included.

The following are links of places that students visit during the course of their day.  Click on these offices to receive additional information about the services they offer:

Chancellor Andrew Leavitt
Career Services
Cashier's Office
Counseling Center
Dean of Students Office
Financial Aid Office
Multicultural Education Center
Provost Lane Earns
Reeve Memorial Union


University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Orientation Odyssey 2016 is sponsored by the Dean of Students

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