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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Odyssey?

It’s UW Oshkosh’s way of introducing new students to campus: getting them familiar with buildings, giving them pointers as they choose a major, and more.

There is Odyssey: The Beginning, a one-day program for new Oshkosh students which they can attend in either May or June; then there is also Odyssey: First Week, which runs throughout the first week of the fall semester.

How do I sign up for Odyssey?

In order to be assigned an Odyssey date, you must submit the $100 tuition deposit and the freshman class registration form that came with your letter of acceptance to the Admissions Office.  Upon receipt of the deposit and form, Admissions will notify you of your Odyssey date.

Does it cost anything?

Not prior to coming. However, incoming students must make a $100 enrollment deposit; within seven working days, the student will receive an Odyssey: The Beginning registration date.  An orientation fee is assessed to all incoming students the fee helps cover materials, mailings, meals, and entertainment costs for both spring and fall Odyssey.  The $65 fee will be put on a student’s first university bill. Parents and guests will need to pay $6 for their lunch when they arrive.

When does it start?

Odyssey: The Beginning dates are available starting in mid-May and run through June.

Odyssey: First Week/First Weekend begins the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, when new students can move into their dorms.

What should I bring?

1. Photo identification (MUST have in order to receive your student ID card)

2. Pen or pencil

3. The climate in meeting rooms can be cool, thus we recommend you bring a light sweater, sweatshirt or jacket

4. Money to purchase lunch tickets for any guests that may come with you ($6/guest)

-Can my parents come?

Parents are encouraged to attend Odyssey: The Beginning with their children. We have events set up just for them, also.

Is Odyssey required?

You must be available to participate in the entire day (approximately 7:15 a.m. to 5 p.m.) for your Odyssey: The Beginning session. Please do not choose a day when you have a school activity, athletic event, or work commitment that requires you to leave early.

There will be required and optional activities during Odyssey: First Week/First Weekend.

Where will I stay for Odyssey: The Beginning?

If you and your family members are traveling longer distances and you need a place to stay either before or after this session, we have a list of hotels/accommodations in the Oshkosh area. (insert hyperlink to area accommodations here)

What happens during Odyssey?

During Odyssey: The Beginning, you will meet with your academic advisor, put together your class schedule and go to a variety of orientation sessions.

During Odyssey: First Week/Weekend, you will move into your new dorm rooms, learn where your classes are located, learn about how to meet with your academic advisor, and get tips on how to succeed at UW Oshkosh. You will also get to experience live entertainment (such as comedians and magicians) and go to Titan Nights, among other fun events.

What happens if I miss my Odyssey date?

Contact the Admissions Office at 920-424-3164 to re-schedule.


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