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Composition of Coordinating Committee:

Faculty (representing each college, including the four divisions of COLS) – 7; Academic Staff – 2; Classified Staff – 1; Students – 1; Administration - 1

Committee charge

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Coordinating Committee Membership

Faculty College/ Affiliation Phone email
Peggy Davidson COLS-Humanities 1151 davidson
Craig Fiedler COEHS (Co-Chair) 3161 fiedler
Mike Tippins COBA (Self study
Jaya Jambunathan CON 1274 jambu
John Koker COLS-Math/Science 1058 koker
Merlaine Angwall COLS-Fine/Performing Arts 7050 angwall
Quintin Sullivan COLS-Social Science 7180


Susan Cramer COEHS (Self study
3028 cramer
Sam Adams (Ad Hoc) COEHS 7074 adams
Academic Staff College/ Affiliation Phone email
Nick Dvoracek Media Services 7363 dvoracek
Jean Kwaterski Student Affairs 4000 kwatersk
Classified Staff College/ Affiliation Phone email
Dawn Dettlaff Custodial Services 3142 dettlaffd
Student College/ Affiliation Phone email
Amanda Cone OSA


Becky Fromfield (Alternate) OSA 379-1017 formfb17
Administration College/ Affiliation Phone email
Margaret Michelina Manzi Provost’s Office (Co-Chair) 3190 manzim
Susan Nuernberg Chancellor's Office 0424 nuernber
Lori Worm Administrative Services 3033 worm
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Criterion subcommittees

Criterion One:
Mission and Integrity
  Phone email
Merlaine Angwall - Co Chair Theatre 7050 angwall
Nick Dvoracek - Co Chair Media Services 7363 dvoracek
Margeurite Helmers English 0916 helmers
Michael Ford COEHS 3324 ford
Don Simons COBA 3472 simons
Andy Robson COLS 1185 robsona
Chris Edwards Mathematics 1358 edwards
Criterion Two:
Preparing for the Future
  Phone email
John Koker - Co Chair COLS-Math/Science 1058 koker
Lori Worm - Co Chair Administrative Services 3033 worm
Steve Arndt Facilities Management 0220 arndt
Ken Splittberber Telecommunications & Application Programming   1211 splittberber
Bill Mode Geology 7004 mode
Michael Beeth COEHS 7248 beeth
Sharon Chappy Nursing 4438 chappy
Sue Neitzel Foundation 2020 neitzel
Burk Tower COBA 0351 tower
Criterion Three:
Student Learning and Effective Teaching
  Phone email
Margaret Michelina Manzi Provost’s Office 3190 manzim
Quintin Sullivan - Co Chair Social Work 7180 sullivan
Sam Adams COEHS 7074 adams
Bryan Lilly COBA 7201 lilly
Jeniffer Mihalick Chemistry 7095 mihalick
Stephanie Stewart CON 1028 stewart
Jan Norton Ctr for Academic
1185 nortonj
Dan Schmidt Kenesiology & Health 2321 schmidtw
Denise Robson Economics 1185 robson
Mike Watson Office of Institutional Research



Amanda Cone O.S.A 3202 conea00
Criterion Four:
Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge
  Phone email
Craig Fiedler - Co Chair COEHS 3161 fiedler
Jaya Jambunathan - Co Chair CON 1274 jambu
Linda Freed Sponsored Programs 7201 freed
Lori Carrell Communication



Jacque Bollinger Residence Life 3212 bollinge
Lynn Brandt Center for New Learning 0029 brandtl
Ashai Desai COBA 7269 desai
Dawn Detlaff Residence Life 2393 dettlafd
Debbie Gray Patton Dean of Students 3100 graypatt
Chad Kopitzke CCDET 2041 kopitzkc
Susan McFadden Psychology 2308 mcfadden
Matthew Mott Career Services 0154 mottm
Criterion Five:
Engagement and Service
  Phone email
Jean Kwaterski - Co Chair Student Affairs 4000 kwatersk
Peggy Davidson - Co Chair Journalism 1151 davidson
Ruth Frieburger Adult Access 3288 freiburr
Perry Rettig COEHS



Sue Schierstedt COBA 2257 schierss
Linda Bartelt Center for Community Partnerships 2366 bartletl
Irma Burgos Academic Support 3081 burgos
Susan Marnocha Nursing 1028


Kyle Wise Student   wisek77
Tom Fojtik Residence Life 3212 fojtik

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