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Academic Leaders Workshop Materials

University academic leaders gathered on January 12, 2006 at the Academic Leaders Workshop. One agenda item was designed to provide feedback to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Self-Study team. Workshop participants were sitting at five tables. Each table was given three copies of a paper detailing one of the criteria as well as a sheet on which to write feedback. Participants were asked to talk about their criteria then record their comments on the feedback paper. They were given about 15 minutes to talk. Each table then reported to the full group the main points of their conversations.

Our primary focus was to learn what participants believed were the major opportunities for improvement and issues arising in the next 3-5 years as they related HLC criteria 1-5. We also hoped to hear strengths but encouraged participants to focus on that area last. As we were limited in discussion time, most groups did not get that far in their conversations. Below is a listing of the comments written on the feedback papers.

Information from this session as well as the exercise itself will be shared with the subcommittees associated with each criteria. They will then use this information when drafting their reports on their criteria. We likewise will use this information when pulling together the first draft of the entire self-study report.

If you would like to engage your department or unit in this exercise, that would be fantastic. We would be most interested in hearing what you have to say. And, we would utilize your comments in the same way we are utilizing feedback from the Academic Leaders Workshop. Click on the criterion and feedback papers to see materials used at the workshop, click on the feedback paper to see what was said.

Academic Leaders Workshop Materials - January 4, 2007
(PDF, 101K)

Feedback gathered at the January 12th workshop (PDF, 116K)

Handout explaining the criteria (PDF, 216K)

Blank feedback form (PDF, 88K)



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