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Trombone Studio

Trombone Studio of Dr. Dylan T. Chmura-Moore University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Trombone Studio

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Trombone Studio

Dr. Dylan T. Chmura-Moore

Dr. Dylan T. Chmura-Moore, trombone

E-mail: | Phone: 920-424-7011

Dylan Thomas Chmura-Moore, D.M.A., Assistant Professor of Music at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, is a performer and advocate of music written today and has had a voice in the premiers of numerous compositions. From combining music of antiquity with contemporary improvisation, to erasing the line between the solo musician and theatrical performer, Dr. Chmura-Moore enjoys new and original endeavors to which he may articulate his voice. With a deep appreciation for the other fine arts, many of his influences and inspirations are gathered from his interests outside the music world which nurture analysis and interpretation. Dr. Chmura-Moore frequently performs in collaboration with dancers, painters, and performance artists. Further, he is a musician who seeks to exploit new technology in performance. He is an accomplished programmer in Max/MSP and has designed his own midi triggers and other interactive devices to electronically manipulate sound, live in concert.

Dr. Chmura-Moore is an active solo, chamber, and orchestral musician and recently has performed with Madison Symphony Orchestra, Green Bay Symphony Orchestra, Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra, Dal Niente, Con Vivo!, and Isthmus Brass. Notable international solo appearances include recitals at the Internationale Ferienkurse Fur Neue Musik in Darmstadt, Germany, and the Lucerne Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland. He can be heard on Mode, Summit, EuroArts, Albany, TZADIK, and the Accentus record label, among others. His debut solo CD is anticipated to be released in 2012.

Dr. Chmura-Moore was awarded the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was a Paul Collins Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellow at the university and focused his studies on the research and performance of newly composed music. His dissertation is titled "Three Essays and an Untitled Recording that Realize the Respective Musical Potential of Heterotopia, Phenomenology, and Beauty as Asunder." Previously, Dr. Chmura-Moore studied at New England Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts where he received two Master of Music degrees, one in trombone, and the other in conducting. Upon graduation, Dr. Chmura-Moore was awarded academic honors, a distinction in performance, and the Gunther Schuller Medal, the highest honor awarded by the conservatory. Dr. Chmura-Moore received the Bachelor of Music degree from Baldwin-Wallace College Conservatory of Music.

In the summer months, Dr. Chmura-Moore teaches at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and Lutheran Summer Music Academy and Festival.

For more information about Dr. Chmura-Moore, visit his website:

Follow Dr. Chmura-Moore on Twitter: @DTCMmusic


The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Trombone Studio includes undergraduate performance, music education, music industry, and composition students, as well as music minors. Entry into the studio is audition-based. The studio meets once a week during the semester to discuss and rehearse musical and instrumental topics ranging from orchestral excerpts and breathing techniques to interpretation and performance practice. The studio frequently performs trombone choir and small ensemble literature and a studio concert is programed each semester. The ideal trombone studio member is hardworking, motivated, creative, and collegial.

Weekly applied lessons emphasize musicianship and appropriate instrumental fundamentals (every student has his or her unique career path that needs to be respected: i.e. jazz, orchestra, pedagogy, solo, conductorial, composition, business, music repair, etc.). Lessons make use of etudes, solos, excerpts, improvisation, and ear training to establish and refine core musical concepts and abilities. Chamber music is prized in the studio and realized though frequent duet play in lessons to hone critical listening skills. Chamber music skills are also practiced in trombone ensemble rehearsals to challenge proficiency of listening in regard to intonation, articulation, balance, blend, tempo, style, and so on.

Students have many performance opportunities in the studio.  Students frequently perform for their peers solo and in chamber music settings. Performances by upperclassmen mentor the younger musicians, developing their listening skills, knowledge of the repertoire, and inform performance etiquette, as well as offering the more advanced student real-world pedagogical moments. Other related performance opportunities: weekly convocation, where the entire music student body congregates to hear guest masterclasses and student performances; end of semester juries, where the brass faculty convene to comment on student performances; solo, duo, and chamber music recitals; brass studio recital; trombone studio recital; honors recital, a school-wide recital competition; the orchestra concerto competition; Music in Motion, a two-day festival for high school musicians; and Musica-Viva, a celebration of musical scholarships. 



University of WIsconsin Oshkosh Trombone Studio Syllabus

Course of Study: Repertoire LIst

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Selected Recent Recitals by Dr. Chmura-Moore

DTCM Recital Poster 2014 TOUR
DTCM Recital Poster 2013 TOUR
February 25, February 28, March 2, and 3 2014 (performed on the campuses of Luther College, Northern Iowa University, University of Iowa, and UW Oshkosh)

January 28, February 6, 8, and 10, 2013 (performed on the campuses of University of Wisconsin-Madison, St. Olaf, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and UW Oshkosh)

DTCM Recital Poster TOUR  DTCM Recital Poster SEAMUS 
April 16, 22, 23, and 30, 2012 (performed on the campuses of Baldwin-Wallace College Conservatory of Music, Ohio Wesleyan University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and UW Oshkosh)  February 7, 2012 (performed at the Allen Priebe Art Gallery with guest artist composer and guitarist Chapman Welch and composer and video artist Lawton Hall in preparation for solo performances at the SEAMUS National Conference February 8-11, 2012) 




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