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Default Page of the Brass Deparment

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Brass Department Website

We Lead by Example

At UWO, you will find a brass faculty comprised of internationally recognized performers and researchers who are well-recorded and published.  The brass faculty at UWO lead the New North in performance by holding principal positions in area orchestras, leading jazz ensembles in explosively entertaining concerts, and innovating solo performance with new electro-acoustic technologies.   



Comprehensive Instruction

The brass faculty at UWO are all full-time professors of music and thus have dedicated themselves to pedagogy, aiming to assist the student find his or her unique professional position in the music community.  Simply, this means that the brass faculty are around and available for the student, encouraging an intimate environment of mentoring where instruction can take place more than just once a week in lessons. 


Opportunity to Succeed 

Want to become the best brass performer, teacher, or researcher you can be?  The small class sizes and personal attention available at UWO will give you that opportunity.  Students have the opportunity to perform in large ensembles (orchestra, wind ensemble, concert band, and jazz band), participate in vibrant chamber music settings, concertize soloistically, and receive much personal attention in their rehearsals.  


UWO is Connected

The brass faculty at UWO performs or has performed with the following local professional ensembles.  Accessibility to these regularly performing local ensembles offers invaluable learning experiences for UWO students.  Get connected!  Apply now.



Titan Steelband Academy CTA

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