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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Department of Music Music Resource Service (Gig Service)

What is the UW Oshkosh Music Referral Service (MRS)?

  • MRS operates a database of local music employment opportunities.  This database is shared with the talented musicians of UWO and its recent alumni.  

What kind of musicians can I hire?

  • The MRS has a wide range of musicians at its fingertips including classical string quartets, jazz combos, vocalists, brass quintets, DJs, and rock bands, just to name a few.  If this is your first time hiring a musician, please feel free to contact one of our staff who will gladly walk you through your choices and help make your event special.  
  • If you know exactly what you’re looking for, great; we’ll quickly get you connected to one of our talented musicians so that you can get the planning started.  All MRS artists are UWO music students or alumni.  Those eligible for MRS are of the highest musical caliber and have received faculty sponsorship.

How do I hire a musician?

  • Simply fill out our Online Request Form.  
  • Upon receiving your request, MRS will receive “bids” from available enrolled artists, select the appropriate musician(s) for your needs, and put the soloist or ensemble leader directly in contact with you.  At this time you may freely discuss all the necessary details of the event (specifics related to location, repertoire, dress preference if any, timing, travel, and artist(s) fee). 
  • Gigs offered may be one-time services or recurring services. 

I have no idea what songs I want my musicians to play.  Can the musicians help?

  • Absolutely.  MRS musicians can help suggest standard repertoire for weddings, corporate events, and more.  This is one reason why they’re hired!

I really want a string quartet to play the theme from Les Misérables for my wedding.  Is this possible?

  • Absolutely.  MRS musicians are flexible, multi-talented, and happy to work with you to make the music at your event special.

What is the cost?

  • The MRS does not set fees.  Instead, we strongly encourage each artist(s) to negotiate fees as part of their professional training at UWO.  However, fees in the the Fox Valley are generally, at minimum, $50 per musician per service.
  • Do note that gigs may be a significant source of income for UWO students and alumni and that beside the aforementioned fee, expenses related to rehearsal, instrument/equipment upkeep, and purchasing/arranging of music are incurred by the hired musician(s).

What if I don’t get any response to my request?

  • If you do not hear from any MRS students/alumni in a reasonable amount of time (typically one to two weeks), please do not hesitate to contact us.  We’ll do our best to help find you the perfect musicians for your event, but do note that this is a referral service only and we cannot guarantee availability.

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