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University Choirs

Chamber Choir at MusicaViva 2014

The choral program consists of four ensembles. All are open to both music majors and non-music majors based on auditions. The Women's Choir (Music 151), Titan Men's Choir (Music 112), Chamber Choir (Music 133), and Choir Laboratory (Music 100) each perform on two concerts per semester, and carry one academic credit each.

The Women's Choir is a select ensemble of treble voices, while the Titan Men's Choir is a male-only group. Students in these organizations are challenged to achieve musical results much more quickly with advanced literature. The groups perform a wide range of musical styles and literature. Its social functions provide an excellent opportunity for students to become acquainted with others with similar interests.

The Chamber Choir is the most advanced of the choirs. Students are required to demonstrate music reading skills as well as vocal technique and training. This group of 40-50 singers has been invited to perform for a number of State and Regional conventions of music educators and choral conductors. The group tours Wisconsin High Schools each year.

Our Choir Laboratory is an auditioned chamber vocal ensemble that is intended to give students a practical understanding of and performance experience in one or more specific choral performance genres as determined by the instructor (e.g. vocal jazz, renaissance, medieval, music theater, popular and new music).

For more information contact Dr. Eric Barnum at (920) 424-7006 or by e-mail at

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