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Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble in Rehearsal 1

Alison Shaw, Director

The UW Oshkosh Percussion Ensemble is an exciting ensemble that performs music written specifically for percussion instruments by important composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In addition, relevant transcriptions and arrangements of classical, folk and traditional music are integrated into this ensemble's innovative programming. Designed to supplement the percussion students' large ensemble experience, the Percussion Ensemble includes a strong chamber music component in addition to conducted works. Performances include compositions employing both traditional and non-traditional instruments in traditional and non-traditional notational systems. The concerts are always an interesting blend of the familiar and the unusual.

All applied percussion students, regardless of their chosen music curriculum, are able to participate in the ensemble. Non-majors with significant percussion experience may participate in the ensemble with the permission of the director.

For more information contact Dr. Alison Shaw at (920) 424-7030 or e-mail

Percussion Ensemble in Rehearsal 2 

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