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Music Minor

The UW Oshkosh Department of Music offers a minor in music for qualified students.  To be accepted as a music minor, students must first successfully pass an entrance audition.


The 24-credit curriculum for a minor in music includes the following courses:

  • MUSIC 107 Music Theory I -- 3 credits (Fall semester only)

  • MUSIC 173 Aural Skills I -- 1 credit (Fall semester only)

      • (MUSIC 107 and MUSIC 173 are co-requisite courses)

  • MUSIC 108 Music Theory II -- 3 credits (Spring semester only)

  • MUSIC 174 Aural Skills II -- 1 credit (Spring semester only)

      • (MUSIC 108 and MUSIC 174 are co-requisite courses)

  • MUSIC 116 Music Literature -- 2 credits (Spring semester only)

  • Applied Lessons -- 4 credits (1 credit per semester) 

  • Large Ensemble -- 4 credits (1 credit per semester)

  • Music Electives -- 6 credits (excludes applied lessons)

Scheduling the courses required to complete a music minor necessitate some special considerations:

  • Theory and Aural Skills courses are taken in the following sequence: MUSIC 107 and MUSIC 173, then MUSIC 108 and MUSIC 174.

  • The applied music credits (private lessons) must be taken concurrently with ensemble participation. If they are not taken concurrently with ensemble credits, students will be charged the special applied music course fee ($180 per credit in addition to the regular credit charge).

  • If voice is the applied area, MUSIC 185: Applied Voice Diction (1 credit) is required in the second semester of applied study, or when offered thereafter.

  • The music elective credits may be selected from a variety of music courses, including ensembles (excluding applied credits), provided the necessary prerequisites have been met.


For additional information on the Music Minor, or to schedule an audition, contact the Department of Music at (920) 424-4224,, or visit the Department Office at N210 in the Arts and Communication Building.


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