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Music Industry Minor

The UW Oshkosh Department of Music offers a Minor in Music Industry for students interested in furthering their understanding of music in the commercial/business environment. No entry audition is required for admittance into the music industry minor.

The 24-credit curriculum for a minor in music industry includes the following courses:

  • MUSIC 119 Financial Aspects of the Music Industry -- 3 credits

  • MUSIC 120 Managerial Aspects of the Music Industry -- 3 credits

  • MUSIC 113 Recording Studio Tech I -- 2 credits

  • MUSIC 114 Recording Studio Tech II -- 2 credits

  • MUSIC 314 Record Industry Operations -- 3 credits

  • MUSIC 102 Music Theory for the General Student (HU, XC) -- 3 credits

Music History and Culture -- 3 credits
One course selected from:

  • MUSIC 215 African-American Popular Music: Rock And Roll (HU, ES, XC)

  • MUSIC 216 The Evolution of Jazz (HU, XC) 

  • MUSIC 218 Survey of American Music (HU, ES)

  • MUSIC 219 Music and Culture: Optional Content (HU, XC)

  • MUSIC 221 Honors: Music and Culture (HU)

Music Electives -- 5 credits

  • Music elective credits may be selected from any other music courses, including ensembles, provided the necessary prerequisites have been met.


For additional information on the Music Industry Minor, contact the Department of Music at (920) 424-4224,, or visit the Department at N210 in the Arts and Communication Building.


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