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Music Industry (Music Business & Recording Technology)

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Students who love music and are seeking a career in the music industry other than the traditional degrees in teaching or performance can choose the music industry major. With one of the first Music Industry Programs in the United States, founded by Wally Messner in 1974, UW Oshkosh graduates have established careers in the record, film, video, multimedia and marketing industries across the country. Our students have won the Student Music Awards presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for excellence in the recording arts.

The major offers three program options: Music Business, Recording Technology and a double major that combines the two. The programs include a substantial core of music courses of approximately 70 credits and lead to the Bachelor of Music degree.

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(Nathan Edwards) Director of Recording Technology

The Recording Technology option prepares students for careers in recording and post-production within the multi-billion dollar music industry. This program offers a complete recording facility including updated studios featuring Pro Tools and Logic software, a large-format Sony mix console, a vintage and modern microphone selection, and extensive digital and analog signal processing tools. The studios serve as hands-on learning centers with training in all aspects of the recording process.

Courses cover the full spectrum of audio: The current and future landscape of the music industry, general concepts of sound, microphones and placement, recording and mixing techniques, digital audio interfaces, MIDI production, video post-production, live sound, studio maintenance, and mastering.

For more information please contact either the Music Department Office by email: or by phone (920) 424-4224 OR Director of Recording Technology, Mr. Nathan Edwards, by email:


The music business option focuses on segments of the music industry including sales and management related to music stores; instrument manufacturing; distribution of music products; artist management and promotion; copyright law; print music publishing and the business side of the recording industry.

Each year, NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) International Music Products Association contributes $1,000 for scholarship awards to UW Oshkosh students interested in careers in the music products industry. This award generally is given to students in their junior or senior year in the Music Business option. Another benefit offered by these organizations are their job listings throughout the United States and Canada. In addition, our music students are invited to attend the NAMM Music Products Shows in Nashville, Tennessee and Anaheim, California each year.

The Music Industry program at the UW Oshkosh is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. The Music Business option is recognized by NAMM - International Music Products Association © and is a member of NAMBI (NAMM Affiliated Music Business Institutions).

For more information please contact either the Music Department Office by email: or by phone at (920) 424-4224.


This combined option blends courses in Music Business and Recording Technology. It is a popular choice for students interested in both Business and Technology in Music and is designed to allow students to graduate after four years of course study and an internship in the Music Industry.

Graduates of the UW Oshkosh Music Industry programs have found success in a broad range of careers, including the following:

Careers in Music Business - Nashville

  • Glen Campbell Publishing, creative director
  • Criterion Records, song plugger
  • Country Q, recording studio manager
  • House of Blues Studios, recording assistant

Careers in Arts Management

  • Green Bay Symphony, arts management
  • Minnesota Symphony, arts management
  • Weidner Center, arts management

Careers in the Music Industry

  • AKG Acoustics, Director of Sales for the United States and Mexico
  • Regional Sales Manager for AKG, JBL, dbx, Soundcraft, UREI, Orban, Quested and Turbosound
  • Sweetwater Sound Inc., Executive Vice President of Sales and Chief Sales Officer
  • American-Appleton, entertainment center sales manager

Careers in Music Publishing (Printing)

  • Hal Leonard Publishers, music printing
  • Hal Leonard Publishers, music sales
  • Hal Leonard Publishers, sales manager
  • J.W. Pepper, music sales manager

Careers in Instrument Music Sales

  • Heid Music, sales manager
  • Beihoff Music, sales representative
  • White House Music, sales representative
  • Ward Brodt, instrument sales
  • Musicians Repair and Supply, instrument sales

Careers with Instrument Manufacturers

  • G. Leblanc Music Corporation, product control
  • G. Leblanc Music Corporation, sales representative
  • Yamaha Music Corporation, sales representative

Careers in Instrument Repair

  • Beihoff Music, instrument repair
  • Heid Music, instrument repair
  • Mike's Music, instrument repair

Other Careers:

  • Independent studio owner
  • Independent touring musicians and/or live sound engineers
  • Sound Design for Gaming (Riot Games)

Our program at UW Oshkosh is a member of NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) and NAMBI (NAMM Affiliated Music Business Institutions).


Musica Viva!

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