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Recital Application Materials



  • Submit a performance program to the Music Department Office via the "Program Order" web form a minimum of 14 working days before your recital/concert date. Due to budgetary cutbacks and changes to program formatting, students will be responsible for preparation and duplication of any translations or additional paper materials.
  • You will be notified by email when a draft of that program is ready for you to proofread, within several working days after submission. Faculty/Ensemble programs will be emailed, or placed in appropriate mailboxes.
  • Proofread the program with your applied instructor, making note of any changes, and return to the Music Department Office. Corrections will be made and if time allows a final copy will be given to you for a final proofread. If time does not allow for a final proof, the original corrections to the program will be made and sent for duplication. A signature from your applied instructor is required for approval to print.


It is the performer's responsibility to deliver a copy-ready design of your poster to UW Oshkosh Copy This!! or a duplicating facility of your choice. If you need design help, please contact the Student Technology Center in Polk 5, across from the testing center. The Music Department does not pay to have student posters printed. Posters for ensemble concerts will be paid from Music Department funds. Ensemble Directors are to use UMC services for design, and Document Services for duplicating.

Please note: University regulations state that posters cannot be taped on bare walls. Bulletin boards within the Music Department are not for student use. However, students may hang posters in the music student lounge, the push pin rail in stairwells, or other general access bulletin boards.


Student recitalists are allowed six (6) hours of Hall time for rehearsal. See Julie in the music office to be given access to the online calendar, and submit a room request form to reserve time. Keys for the Music Hall are to be picked up from Ashley just prior to your rehearsal time and returned immediately following rehearsal.

Students will be charged a $20 deposit when keys are picked up which will be refunded when keys are returned. NO EXCEPTIONS! 
This is to encourage prompt return of key(s) that are needed by other performers for their rehearsal time. Please observe Hall etiquette, i.e. NO SMOKING, EATING, etc.


Completed Stage Work Orders and Recording Requests must be submitted to the Music Office two weeks (or earlier) prior to your recital.

Payment for your recording(s) must be submitted to the Music Office within two (2) business days of the submission of your Recording Request. If payment is not received within this time, the Recording Request will not be processed, and recording will not take place. Students will be notified by their campus email address when the recording(s) is ready for pick-up. This recording will be held in the Music Office for a period of no longer than two (2) weeks and will then be recycled if not picked up.


Please submit your concert information via email 10 days prior to the recital.

Students are responsible for submitting the following information to University Marketing & Communications (UMC) via university e-mail to

The following information is to be included in the email:
-Your name
-Instrument/vocals performed
-Activities at UW Oshkosh and/or in the community
-Education and career plans

University Relations will prepare a news release and send it to the Oshkosh Northwestern and your hometown newspaper.


There is one 8-foot banquet table available for your use behind the last row of seats in the music hall. This table MUST be folded and returned to it's storage place after your reception, or it runs the risk of being confiscated by Facilities.

If you have any further questions, please stop in the Music Department Office (AC N206) Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


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