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Audition Application

Audition Application for Acceptance as a Music major or Minor for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Please choose only ONE option from the drop down menu below. Note the registration deadlines for available dates.

Entrance & Scholarship Audition Dates

Music Scholarships are only for new incoming freshmen. Scholarship requirements can be found here.  Please visit the Audition Dates page to be sure we are holding auditions for your instrument on your chosen date!

If it's not possible to attend an in-person audition, online auditions (via Skype) are available and encouraged.  Please see Skype Audition Information for more details.  If you meet the requirements, you may select this option below.

Alternate Audition Date ONLY FOR THOSE STUDENTS WHO HAVE ARRANGED AN ALTERNATE AUDITION DATE WITH ONE OF OUR APPLIED INSTRUCTORS. If you have not done this, please contact our office at
/ /  
Do you wish to audition for a music scholarship? (If yes, you must qualify for our scholarship requirements) NOTE: No scholarship auditions will be held after March 2

Check the college/university Music Theory & Aural Skills courses for which you have previously earned credit or are currently enrolled in: Please select all that apply.
End of Transfer Section | All Applicants Continue Below

I would like to audition on a second instrument/voice:

*Voice Accompanist Services:

You are strongly recommended to bring your own accompanist with you to your vocal audition.  However, if you are unable to bring your own accompanist, you may request one.  The request must be made, and music received, TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE. Send a legible photocopy of each song with your name and date of your audition printed on the top of each piece of music.

Click here for more information.

I would like the services of an accompanist (vocal auditions only):

Scholarship Applicants:

You will need to send the UW Oshkosh Department of Music Audition Committee a letter of recommendation from your private instructor or choir/band/orchestra director that addresses your musical background and ability. This letter must be in the Department of Music office no later than two weeks before your audition date.

Send materials to: Audition Committee, UW Oshkosh Department of Music, 800 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, WI 54901-8636


Applicants will be requested to fill out a keyboard questionnaire prior to their audition. (The questionnaire link will be emailed to the applicant within 3 business days of the audition request.)  Applicants without a keyboard background will be placed into beginning class piano. Applicants with previous keyboard experience will be placed into the appropriate course according to the results of the questionnaire. A placement exam may be required for those with significant keyboard experience. This placement exam will be given at the beginning of the semester and will include sight-reading and an assessment of fundamental keyboard skills.


The Department of Music will contact you via EMAIL to confirm your audition date, using the email address you provide. Your email address is also the way we will contact you for future correspondence. PLEASE VERIFY THAT THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU PROVIDE IS ACCURATE.

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