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Leaders Training Course or LTC, is an intensive 28-day summer training program designed for students who are academically aligned (generally those who will be juniors in the fall) who desire to receive constructive credit for the Basic Course (first two years of ROTC) through attendance at this course. This camp enables these students to receive their commission as an army officer in just two years. Students who elect to attend this camp will be contracted prior under the condition that they successfully complete the camp to make it effective. The student determines if the obligation incurred will be with the reserve component (US Army Reserve or National Guard) or with the active duty army.

During this camp which is held at Ft. Knox, Kentucky participants are trained in areas related to becoming a commissioned officer and leader in the US Army.

The success of this camp begins with the recruitment of quality students who desire to serve their nation as a commissioned officer and who possess the desire and drive to learn the leadership and management skills required.

LTC is designed to challenge the students with rifle marksmanship with the M-16 rifle, land navigation, physical fitness training, rappelling, small unit tactics, and other confidence and leadership building activities. Training is sequenced in a logical, building-block manner which allows for an ideal flow of training for each student. The training is organized in to three phases:

Phase I Future Leader (days 1-17) which includes rappelling, teamwork development, water survival, first aid, stream crossings, road marches, basic rile marksmanship, land navigation, physical fitness testing, and sports day.

Phase II Bold Leader (days 18-23) is centered around small unit tactics with rappelling, rock climbing, confidence courses, tactics, paintball, water operations, and orienteering.

Phase III Discover Gold (days 24-27) includes the recovery, social, return of equipment issued for camp, a commander’s out brief, graduation rehearsal, family day, and the graduation ceremony.

Leadership assessment is a critical during LTC and students are rated on their leadership abilities from the minute they arrive at the camp.

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