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2015 - 2016 Cohort

We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Jeff Berger
Jeff graduated in May 2017 with a Psychology and Japanese double major. He worked with Dr. Aaron Karst, Department of Psychology, studying human memory and artificial intelligence. Specifically, his research was titled, "The Development of an Algorithm to Assess the Integrity of Cortical Layering: A Quantitative Application to Autism Spectrum Disorder." Jeff has been offered positions in the computer/programming field and also has intentions of applying to graduate programs this fall.

Jordan Black 
Jordan graduated in May 2017 with a Biology major and Chemistry minor. He studied pharmacological agents with Dr. Eric Matson of the Biology department. Specifically, his research was titled, "Bacteriophage Interactions in the University of Wisconsin Biodigester." After receiving graduate school acceptances, Jordan has accepted and committed to Colorado State University.

Savannah Block (MA-PhD)
Savannah graduated from UW Oshkosh in December 2016 with an English degree and minors in French and Philosophy. Dr. Crystal Mueller from the English Department, as well as Director of the Writing Center, was her mentor for her research project. Savannah’s research was titled, "Motivation to Continue Critical Thinking within the Writing Process." After receiving graduate school acceptances, Savannah has committed to the University of Illinois - Champaign/Urbana for their MA-PhD track for Rhetoric & Composition in the Fall 2017. With this, she has been offered a fellowship and a Teaching Assistant position.

Carolyn Butzen
Carolyn is a junior majoring in Psychology.  She is from Appleton, WI and worked with  Dr. Fredi Giesler from the Social Work department. Carolyn's research focused on the correlation between Autism and gastrointestinal dysfunction. Her anticipated graduation date is December 2017.

Cassandra Duncan
Cassandra is a senior majoring in Biology and worked with Dr. Dana Merriman of the Biology Department. Cassandra's research was titled, "Can thermal imaging noninvasively detect the copulation date in captive female 13-lined ground squirrels?" Her anticipated graduation date is May 2017. Cassie is currently applying to graduate programs in Biology and Animal Science and is mostly interested in Vancouver, Canada and Alaska.

Monika Greco (MA)
Monika graduated May 2017 having majored in Philosophy and Political Science. She worked with Dr. Evan Williams, from the Philosophy department, studying feminist ethics. After receiving graduate school acceptances, Monika has committed to Tufts University in the Fall 2017 where she will be earning a master's degree in Philosophy. She has also received a tuition scholarship which covers 84% of her total tuition cost. Monika has also applied for a Resident Hall Director position and we are awaiting those results.

Josh Henkel
Josh graduated in December 2016 with a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. He worked with Dr. Michael Lenza, from the Criminal Justice Department and researched restorative justice. More specifically, his research was titled, "Victim-Offender Conferencing: A formative evaluation of Restorative Justice Program in Elkhart, IN." After a great amount of effort to applying to graduate schools, Josh has accepted a position offer in Indiana as a Group Leader at Toyota Boshoku.

David Morser
David is a 5th year senior studying Japanese and Professional Physics. Working with Dr. Nadia Kaltcheva, Department of Physics Chair, David researched homogenious estimates of physical parameters of galactic open clusters based on Strömgren and Vilnius photometric systems. David is expected to graduate May 2018 and has hopes of pursuing a graduate program in Astrophysics at Johns Hopkins University or University of California - Berkeley.

Marissa Munoz (PhD)
Marissa graduated May 2017 with a degree in Chemistry, emphasis in Biochemistry. Her research was facilitated by Dr. Brant Kedrowski of the Chemistry Department. She studied the synthesis of amino acids as her research was titled, "Synthesis of Non-natural Amino Acids." After receiving graduate school acceptances, Marissa has committed to UW Madison's PhD program in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Fall 2017. She has been offered a first year fellowship and also been selected as a SciMed Graduate Research Scholar and Daniel H. Rich Graduate Scholar. With these, she has been fully funding for her graduate program.

Shakura Salahaladyn
Shakura is a Business major in her senior year.  She worked with Dr. Norlisha Crawford from the English Department who is also the Director of the African American Studies program.  Her research was titled, "Black American Women Redefine The American Dream through Entrepreneurship." Her anticipated graduation date is December 2017. 

Lynn Valencic
Lynn graduated in December 2016 with a degree in Anthropology. As a McNair Scholar, she researched the ceramic heads of the Mesoamerican culture with Dr. Stephanie de Montigny from the Anthropology Department. After graduation, she took a position and is currently applying to graduate programs in Anthropology.

André Wallace (MPA)
André graduated in December 2016 with a degree in Human Services Leadership.  His research was conducted with Dr. Paul Van Auken from the Sociology Department where he studied the benefits of team building. His research was titled, "Team Building within Collegiate Groups." Andre has been accepted to UW Milwaukee's Master of Public Administration program, in which he has been offered a scholarship! Recent Article from UW Oshkosh Today


   2015—2016 McNair Scholars 

 2015 - 2016 McNair Scholars

Front Row:  Shakura Salahaladyn, Lynn Valencic, Savannah Block, Monica Greco, Marissa Munoz, Carolyn Butzen    
Back Row: Jordan Black, David Morser, Cassandra Duncan, Andre Wallace, Josh Henkel, Hope MacDonald    
Not pictured: Jeffrey Burger


 Front Row:   Michael Lenza, Fredi Giesler, Evan Williams, Margaret Hostetler, Stephanie de Montigny                    Back Row:   Dana Merriman, Aaron Karst, Eric Matson, Crystal Mueller, Brant Kedrowski                                          Not pictured:  Norlisha Crawford , Nadejda Kaltcheva, Paul Van Auken









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