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Where Are They Now?

Alexis Brown
Alexis is a junior from Glenwood, IL. She is a Marketing major working with Dr. Norlisha Crawford, the Director of the African-American Studies Program. As a McNair Scholar, her research was titled, " How Universities and Other Interested Parties Get and Retain African American Women in PhD Program?" She is on track to graduate in December 2017 and is planning to earn her PhD in Higher Education Administration.

Joshua Hill (PhD)
Josh is originally from Manitowoc, WI and graduated from UW Oshkosh in May 2016 with a degree in Chemistry. As a McNair Scholar, he conducted research with Dr. Brant Kedrowski and his research was titled, "Benzofuran Synthesis via 3+2 Cycloadditions." Josh began graduate school in August 2016. He is enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Wyoming for ElectroChemistry where he is also a Teacher's Assistant for the Department of Chemistry.

Aaron Jackson (MPA)
Aaron is from Appleton, WI and graduated in May 2016 with a Criminal Justice and Sociology major and two minors in African-American Studies and Psychology. As a McNair Scholar, Aaron's research mentor was Dr. James Krueger, Department of Political Science. His research was titled, "The Role of Skin Tone and Waist-to-Hip Ratio in Judgments of Attraction." Aaron recently began pursuing a Master's Degree in Public Administration here at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh in September 2016.

Patrick Klepp
Patrick is a Microbiology major from Oshkosh. As a McNair Scholar, he conducted research with Dr. Sabrina Mueller-Spitz in the Department of Biology. His research was titled, "Deinococcus Succession in Freshwater Biofilms." He is actively applying to MD programs while finishing up his undergraduate degree.

Wilson Lee (MPP)
Wilson is from Sheboygan, WI and graduated from UW - Oshkosh in December 2015 with a major in Human Services Leadership and a minor in Business. Wilson worked with Dr. Alfred T. Kisbui on his research. His research was titled, "Prevalent vs. Exemplified Leadership Styles in Nonprofit Organizations in Oshkosh, Wisconsin." He began September 2016 in the Masters of Public Policy program at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

Hope MacDonald
Hope is from Farmington Hills, Michigan and is a senior at UW - Oshkosh majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Linguistics. As a McNair Scholar for two consecutive years (2014-2016), she conducted an Anthropology research project with Dr. Stephanie May de Montigny as her faculty mentor. In her second year, she conducted her research with Dr. Margaret Hostetler, the Associate Chair of the English Department at UW-Oshkosh. Hope’s two research topics were titled, "Motivations for Language Revitalization" and "Motivations for Language Shift: Attitudes Toward the Home Language." Hope's anticipated graduation date is May 2017.

Glenn Malecki
Glenn graduated May 2017 with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He worked with Dr. Colleen McDermott, Associate Dean of College of Letters and Sciences, from the Biology and Medical Technology Department. His goal after graduation is to work in a children's hospital and eventually achieve his Doctoral Degree in Pediatric Nursing.

Eli Martinez
Eli graduated from UW Oshkosh in December 2015 with a Bachelors in Biology. As a McNair Scholar, he completed his research and worked with Dr. Lauren Waters from the Chemistry Department. His research topic was "Topological analysis of a manganese exporter protein, MntP, in Escherichia coli and its response to Reactive Oxygen Species." He is actively applying to MD programs. We are awaiting any further information.

Katie Proctor (MS)
Katie graduated in May 2016 with a degree in Anthropology. As a McNair Scholar, her faculty mentor was Dr. Pete Brown from the Department of Anthropology in which her research was titled, "The Otherness Illustrated: News- Media Analysis of the Representation of U.S. Professional Female Athletes." She is currently living in Memphis, TN and has recently been accepted to the Master of Earth Sciences at the University of Memphis, where she will be in Fall 2017. Her ultimate goal is to obtain a PhD in Earth Sciences.

Samantha Retzloff (MPH)
Samantha graduated from UW - Oshkosh with a degree in Biology in May 2016. As a McNair Scholar, Samantha conducted research with Dr. Sabrina Mueller-Spitz. After graduation, she began her Masters program in August 2016 at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health in Atlanta, GA. She is pursuing her Master of Public Heath degree in Epidemiology. While in her graduate program, she is also working for an HIV research group at Emory University. She plans to graduate in May 2018. After taking time off from school, she would like to return to Wisconsin as a practicing Epidemiologist and pursue her Ph.D.

Laura Sullivan
Laura is a Biology major who graduated December 2016. During her research with McNair, her faculty mentor was Dr. Elisabeth "Misty" McPhee from the Environmental Science and Biology Department. Laura has recently accepted a new position as a Phlebotomist in Waukesha, WI. She plans to apply to UW-Milwaukee for a Masters of Biology program and begin in the Fall of 2018. Laura has plans to eventually teach college level biology courses.

Jonathon Toepfer
Jonathon graduated in May 2016 with a degree in Biology and a Chemistry minor. As a McNair Scholar, his research was conducted with Dr. Greg Kleinheinz, professor of Environmental Engineering Technology and the Viessmann Chair of Sustainable Technology. His research was titled, "Microcystin Concentrations in Lake Winnebago System." After graduation, Jonathon pursued his career interests and our office is awaiting any further information.

Alyssa Valentyne
Alyssa graduated December 2016 with degrees in Biology and Spanish, along with a minor in Chemistry. As a McNair Scholar, her research was conducted with Dr. Kevin Crawford and Dr. Sabrina Mueller-Spitz. Her research was titled, "Bacterial Degradation of Low Molecular Weight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons; naphthalene, 1-methylnaphthalene, and 2-methylnaphthalene by Mycobacterium." She will being applying to dual MD/PhD and MD/MPH (Master of Public Health) programs June 2017. Her plans are to attend medical school and to do research in either toxicology or public health.

Chelsea Vosters
Chelsea was a Psychology major with a minor in Geology. As a McNair Scholar, Chelsea worked with Dr. Joseph Peterson as her research mentor. Chelsea's research was titled, "Photogrammetric Reconstruction of the Late Jurassic Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur." During her undergraduate program, she pursued her career interests. Our office is awaiting any further information.

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