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Doctoral Degree Opportunities

The 1997 AMS-IMS-MAA Annual Survey (first report) found that 20.8 percent of new doctoral degree holders received jobs in nonacademic positions. The survey also states that only 6.8 percent of all the 1995-1996 doctoral recipients are unemployed, a significant drop of 3.3 percent from the prior year. The American Mathematical Society (AMS), Mathematical Association of America (MAA), and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Mathematical Sciences Career Information Web page provides a list of doctoral degree holders and a specific description of their occupation. Below is a list of some of these professions. They fall into the categories of research or mathematical modeling, engineering, and management and related positions. For more detailed information on any of the following job descriptions, visit the web page at


Research or Mathematical Modeling

  • Chief Scientist, PRC Inc., a Subsidiary of Litton Industries, McLean, Va., leads research and development efforts in the areas of computational linguistics, information science and artificial intelligence.
  • Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analyses, Princeton, N.J., works in the area of cryptography, the writing and deciphering codes and signals processing.
  • Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analyses, Bowie, Md., works on mathematics and computation problems in support of the National Security Agency.
  • Scientist, Naval Command Control & Ocean Surveillance Center, Point Loma Peninsula, Calif., works on problems aimed at improving the Navy's ability to collect, transmit and process information essential to its operations.
  • Applied Mathematician, Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology, Research Triangle Park, N.C., works for the Non-Cancer Program at CIIT developing mathematical models to simulate the flow of air in the respiratory tract.
  • Senior Research Scientist and Applied Math Technical Group Leader, Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Wash., does probabilistic modeling for waste tank safety analysis and develops numerical wavelet methods for computational chemistry.
  • Vice President, Ecodynamics Research Associates, Inc., Albuquerque, N.M., works on an Air Force project producing computer models and simulations to help address the environmental clean-up of sites around the world contaminated with spilled jet fuel.
  • Research Staff Member, Center for Communications Research, La Jolla, San Diego, Calif., works in support of cryptologists at the National Security Agency.
  • Applied Mathematician, Park Medical Systems Inc., Lachine, Quebec, Canada, performs analysis and modeling in the area of nuclear medicine.
  • Member of the Research Staff, Institute for Defense Analyses, Alexandria, Va., monitors the development and testing of new weapon systems.
  • Statistician, Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tenn., provides statistical support for environmental restoration projects at Department of Energy sites where nuclear material is stored.



  • Researcher/Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Wash., works on software development projects.
  • Engineering Specialist, The Aerospace Corporation, Herndon, Va., works on the development of numerical methods for space vehicle trajectory simulation tools.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, Ore., leads a project that implements and optimizes speech compression algorithms for use in video conferencing system products.
  • Financial Engineer, Summit Systems Inc., New York, N.Y., develops and implements an office risk-management system used primarily by investment banks.


Management and Related Positions

  • Manager, System Requirements Analysis, Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems, Fort Worth, Texas, oversees people who perform modeling and analysis to evaluate competing fighter aircraft designs.
  • Chief Operating Officer, Petrotechemical Open Software Corporation, Houston, Texas, leads the development of technical computing and data standards for the oil industry.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook, in the Federal Government in 1997, the average annual salary for mathematicians in supervisory, nonsupervisory and managerial positions was $62,000; for mathematical statisticians, $65,660; and for cyrptanalysts, $56,160.


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