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Career Information

Mathematicians are found in a variety of areas. They are found in well-known companies such as IBM and AT&T Bell Laboratories, in government agencies such as the Bureau of Census and the Department of Agriculture, in the arts as sculptors, musicians or in television, in the professions like law and medicine, and in elementary, secondary, college and university education. Mathematicians are also found in some surprising places like the FED EX Corporation and L.L. Bean. Degrees for mathematicians range from bachelors to Ph.D. and often a bachelor's degree is more of a starting point than an end itself.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of mathematicians is expected to increase 0 to 9 percent for most occupations through the year 2006, which is slower than the average. The number of jobs available for people with an educational background in mathematics alone is not expected to increase significantly. However, a background that includes a related discipline will have better job opportunities. Also, as advancements in technology lead to a more extensive use of mathematics, more workers with a knowledge of mathematics will be in demand.

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