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Undergraduate Student Handbook


Female StudentThe mathematics department offers several major and minor programs for undergraduate students. Below is the online undergraduate student handbook for our math major and minor programs.






Information for all Math Majors and Minors:

Math Major Plans

The mathematics department has recently revised the Mathematics Major. This new program will apply to all students who declare a math major starting in Fall 2015.  The new math major offers optional emphases in Statistics and in Secondary Education.

New Math Major (for students who declare starting in Fall 2015).


Information for math majors  who declared prior to Fall 2015 can be found at:

2011-2013 Undergraduate Bulletin Information for Math Majors


Math Minor Plans


The mathematics department offers minors in operations research, statistics, mathematics for secondary education licensure, mathematics for elementary and middle school licensure, and mathematics for letters and science or business students.

2011-2013 Undergraduate Bulletin Information for Math Minors

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