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Eric Kuennen

Eric Kuennen is an assistant professor in the department of mathematics at UWO, specializing in teaching mathematics courses for pre-service elementary and middle school teachers. His goal as a teacher is to facilitate student learning by providing opportunities and motivation for students to learn how to think and communicate mathematically and develop mathematical reasoning at a high level so that they are able to learn the course content in a deep, useful and permanent way. He designs his classes to be driven by student engagement on mathematics problems, allowing students the opportunity to construct mathematical meaning for themselves.

Eric has published research on statistical analyses of pedagogical practices in college-level mathematics and statistics classes and studies mathematical behavior and thinking in pre-service mathematics teachers. He has received two University of Wisconsin System grants to study mathematics teaching and learning, and together with Dr. Jennifer Szydlik, has received a UWO Faculty Development grant to develop an instrument to measure mathematical sophistication in pre-service elementary teachers.

Eric has led two Mathematics Education study abroad trips to Peru for UWO students. Besides travel, his hobbies include bicycling and building furniture. He and his wife have new twin daughters born in August 2009.

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Eric Kuennen

Eric in Estonia in 2005

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