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Woman in Class.Welcome to the WEB location for the Oshkosh Normal School. This School, established as third in the State system of Normal Instruction is allied with the European tradition of teacher training institutions. Oshkosh Normal School was formally dedicated to its work, and classes organized in September, 1871. 

The School building, spacious and tasteful in its proportions, is built with careful regard for comfort and convenience. Whatever could be done to gratify and cultivate taste, has been observed in the decoration of the rooms, and the adornment of the extensive grounds.

Oshkosh is one of the most conveniently accessible points in the State. Since many of the leading lines of railroad, and river steamers intersect at or near this city, the counties containing three-fourths of the population of the State, are within six hours’ ride.

The climate is healthful and invigorating.

Our students represent the finest of Wisconsin’s ladies and gentlemen.  They are kept to high moral standards so as to serve as excellent models for our State’s children. 

On this thoroughly modern WEB-SITE you will find plenty of information of value to young women and men considering or actively pursuing a Oshkosh Normal education.  Attention is made to the academic, social, athletic pursuits as well as information relating to our faculty.  ONS ladies and gentlemen are well advised to review specific information on
the proper comportment expected of their sex.