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Welcome to the Oshkosh State Teachers College! Since our establishment in 1871 as the third Normal school in the state, our institution has grown considerably. As of 1925, OSTC is providing undergraduate degrees to students seeking to become professional teachers.

OSTC has the Plant, People, and Product for you to succeed in your elementary or secondary education career, as well as on your path to become fully developed ladies and gentlemen. Please take a minute to explore the information featured on our web page.

Oshkosh State lady students pose for a picture by a car.


At the Oshkosh State Teacher's College you can be proud of your school. Here, you will find spacious grounds, fine buildings, and certainly nothing lacking for equipment. The state government has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in buildings and fittings, not with a lavish hand, but a very practical one.


Oshkosh State Teacher's College is staffed by fifty specialists in respective branches of learning. These highly qualified and passionate men bring rich flavor to life at school. Their democratic spirit inspires students, and helps them to develop proper values.


Alumni of OSTC are universally respected and experience a high percentage of employment. Because our students are proper ladies and gentlemen, it is to be expected that student events and extra curricular activities are conducted with dignity and virtue.