Welcome to OSC

+ Radford Hall, OSC's newest Dorm.

The Wisconsin State College Oshkosh (formerly the Oshkosh State Teachers School) would like to thank you for your interest in our fine institution. With enrollment rising at a steady pace, the Wisconsin State College Oshkosh has been able to greatly expand and diversify.  For example, we now offer a greater variety of courses to choose from along with more degrees than ever before. We are also excited to announce that we will soon be offering classes for those students ambitious enough to seek their master's degree. Check out our new buildings, new classes, and new extra-curricular programs!

New Buildings

Many soldiers returning home from the war are enrolling in college due to the GI bill, which allows members of the armed forces to receive affordable education. To accommodate the influx of male students on our campus, brand-new dormitories are being built with all the comforts of modern life.  Parents can rest easy in knowing that their daughters will be safe at the Wisconsin State College Oshkosh. Five new women's dormitories (Radford, Breese, Donner, Taylor, and Webster) have been added to the campus to protect young ladies from the dangers of living away from parental care. We are also pleased to offer male students the opportunity to live on campus in the first all male dorm, Clemens Hall.  Not only are new housing facilities being built, but also a new planetarium, additions to academic buildings, and an improved student union are all in the works!

New Classes

No longer just a school for prospective teachers, Oshkosh has expanded its curriculum with opportunities for students to pursue degrees in liberal arts, business and nursing and soon Masters level courses, making it clearly one of the best schools in the state.

New Extra-Curricular

Although the war put a slight damper on sports here at Wisconsin State College with our male population all drafted or working, our recent boost in male enrollment has helped stack our teams.  Here at the Wisconsin State College Oshkosh, we also pride ourselves on our many clubs and organizations. Whether it's the Greek life, the Rifle, Polictical Science or Math Clubs, you'll always have somewhere to fit in.