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Qualtrics is an on-line survey tool available to all UW Oshkosh users.

How to set up a Qualtrics account

Please use the following URL to set up your Qualtrics account and to login.

Getting Help with Qualtrics

Once you log in there's a Qualtrics Help and Tutorials link at the top.

For straight forward surveys it's pretty intuitive. There are a lot of additional options, so if there's something you want to do and can't find the proper settings please contact the following.

Approval of Surveys

Contact Robert Roberts (extension 3215), Director of Grants and Faculty Development, with a quick explanation of your purpose and subject population and he will determine if it needs further Institutional Review Board examination

If he approves, he notifies the appropriate site administrator and they will activate the survey you have created so it can be distributed and responded to. If he determines it needs IRB approval, you will have follow IRB submission procedures.

Common Online Utilities

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