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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, the help at is the best place to find answers to your questions. If you cannot find the answer to the question you are looking for, please contact the help desk at or (920)424-3020. offers a How to use course that is a great starting point for new users.

General Questions -

Where is the best place to start?

The first step is to access and create your free campus account. Follow this link to log in to

The "Welcome to" introductory video and "Using" Introductory Course are a great place to familiarize yourself with the features and content of the library.

I don't have a NetID. Is there anyway for me to access through a UW Oshkosh Account?

We're sorry, but no.  Our contract with is structured to allow access for faculty, staff, and students, and authenticates against the NetID database We pay for users based on the number of users in this database. If a user is not in this database, we cannot grant access to them.  If you are a departmental instructor, or learning assistant in a course, and feel you should have access to the resources protected by NetID, please talk to your departmental administration about getting added to one of these categories.

What do I do if I can’t log in?

Call the help desk at (920) 424-3020.  Tell the agent you “are having authentication issues with NetID when trying to access”

How do I log in?

Access to is available at Current faculty, staff, and students can access the site using their NetID credentials.

What are my NetID credentials?

NetID is used to access most services on campus, including D2L and general access computer labs. More information can be found on the Academic Computing Help page.

Can I log in directly at

Yes, although if you bypass, you may miss important news or information about @ UW Oshkosh.

The login button at the top right corner of contains an option for you to log in.  You may be presented with one of two login screens.

If you have never logged in to the site from the computer you are using, you will be presented with this login screen. Searching in the box in the right column for “” will take you to the correct authentication page.null


If you have previously been to the login screen will look like this:null

Use the “go” button on the left column to access the UW Oshkosh authentication page.

What kind of computer do I need to use

Computers running Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or better or Mac OSX 10.4.11 should be able to run videos without problem. Full system requirements can be found at


I click on the movie link, but no video plays in the pop up window. How can I fix this?

Some users have reported issues with their popup blocker. You may need to disable it before using content.

Make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime installed. It's free to download from the Apple website. Visit to download the latest version of QuickTime. also has Windows Media Player (Internet Explorer users only) and Flash versions of all of our content. To see if one of those players works better for you do the following:

  1. When you are logged in, under the my account menu located at the top of any page
  2. Select the Site preferences link.
  3. Select Flash or Windows Media from the player options.
  4. Click the blue update button near the bottom of the page.

Do I need any special software? recommends users run a few software packages and services.  Your computer most probably already has them.


  • Apple QuickTime 7.5, Microsoft Windows Media Player 10, and Adobe Flash Player 9

  • QuickTime 7.5.5 with Safari for Mac


How fast does my internet connection need to be? recommends a downstream bandwidth of at least 1 Mbps. Users with slower connections will find that waiting until an entire video buffers to reduce interruptions in playback.

Can I use my smartphone to access Lynda?

Yes, though the list of supported Android devices is limited to a handful, though you should be able to use the browser to access through your phone. 
Apps are available for Android and iOS platforms. More information on mobile device access is available at

  1. Launch the App.

  2. Tap “web portal access.”

  3. Type in the URL field

  4. On the iPad tap submit/on the iPhone tap the Go button.

  5. If prompted, log in with your NetID Credentials.

Instructor questions

Can we make playlists  for our students?

Yes.  There are two ways to do this. offers a video detailing the basics of playlists and sharing.

Sharing playlists - You can create your own playlists on Lynda and share them via email, link, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Assigning playlists to groups - Learning Technologies can create a group for you that allows you to assign a playlist to users.  There is a bit more of a burden on the instructor to do this, but it adds the benefit of reporting tools.  Using this method an instructor can view usage data for their class, including which students watched individual videos from the playlist, how much of the video they watched, and other useful assessment information.

Can an instructor track the usage of through D2L or by other means?

Yes. By assigning playlists to a group of students, instructors can view administration console the usage data for their class, including which students watched individual videos from the playlist, how much of the video they watched, and other useful assessment information. This is available on your user account on

Will training be available for instructors?

Playlist, group management and D2L integration support is offered on an as needed basis. Please contact Rick Landvatter ( for further information.

Common Online Utilities

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