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Office or Classroom

Video conferencing from your office or classroom

Video conferencing can be done in any room that has a network data jack that would normally connect a computer to the internet. These portable devices utilize standard internet video protocols.

If you have a guest expert that you would like to speak to your class or a class at another institution you would like your class to interact with, this can be done in your regular classroom, contingent on the quality of the internet connection to the distant site and the equipment available at the other end.

Contact the UWO Help Desk (920-424-3020) to plan the appropriate arrangements for your application.


The Viewstation is a video conferencing "appliance." It connects directly to the internet and displays over a normal television or video projector

Video Conferencing appliance

It's high quality camera can zoom and pan around the room. A second camera or document camera can be connected.

Your guest from the distant site needs to be equipped similiarly. The standard used to describe this format is H.323 or IP video.

Multiple sites can be connected.

Appropriate for small groups and classrooms.

Skype Logo

Skype is a free internet service that can make one-to-one video or audio calls and audio conference calls with up to 20 participants.

Your computer must be equipped with a microphone for audio calls and a camera for video. All classroom computers at UW Oshkosh are equipped with cameras and have Skype installed.

Contact UWO Help Desk (920-424-3020) for the loan of a webcam.

See to download the software and create an account.

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