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Interactive Video Classrooms

Rooms utilizing Internet Protocol (IP)

Learning Technologies maintains and schedules two facilities specifically designed and equipped for interactive video distance education. Viewing of instructor and students is captured by strategically placed cameras. Text and graphics are sent via document camera, computer and video tape. Both rooms (formerly known as DE rooms),  include a telephone and fax machine. Multiple monitors provide views for both instructor and students of local and distant sites. Contact Rick Landvatter (920-424-2395) to plan the appropriate arrangements for your application.



Polk 201f (formerly KSCADE)Polk 116b (formerly ISDN)

Connects via Internet Protocol


Capacity: 24

Connects via Internet Protocol


Capacity: 20

Small group videoconferencing in Halsey 259

Learning Technologies has a conference room available in Halsey 259. Connections can be made with standard internet video protocols. Connections to up to 4 sites can be made from this facility.

About 10 people can be accommodated in this room and technical assistance is available from Halsey Classroom Technology Services.

Contact Rick Landvatter (920-424-2395) to plan a videoconference in this facility

Common Online Utilities

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