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Types of Interactive Video Connections, Learning Technologies will assist you in determining what type of connection is available at a distance site you might wish to connect to and test the quality of the connection.


Contact Rick Landvatter (920-424-2395) to plan the appropriate arrangements for your application.

Different types of connection can be bridged utilizing services from UW Extension's Instructional Communications Systems,

Internet Protocol (IP)

Availability - available from the Polk 116b and Polk 201F distance education classrooms, from Learning Technologies small group videoconference room in Halsey 259, and from classrooms and offices with Viewstation. Multiplle sites can be connected if one site has a Multiple Connection Unit. Our distance education classrooms have Multiple Connection Units for up to three sites. This standard has been adopted for Badgernet DS-3 and KSCADE sites.

Cost - There are no connection costs.

Compatibility - Internet protocol is becoming the most common type of connection for videoconferencing. It is based on a standard identified as H.323. This standard can operate at a variety of levels with types of equipment ranging from computer desktop applications to fully equipped distance education classrooms. Any device that utilizes the H.323 standard can communicate with any other. These types of devices are fairly common in higher education institutions.

Quality - The quality of the connection is dependent on the capabilities of the device, the bandwidth available for the connection, and can be enhanced by network settings along the way. At UW Oshkosh, our network is set up to handle as many as four simultaneous video conferences. Within the state of Wisconsin, Wiscnet, the network that connects the UW System institutions has configured the system to enhance videoconferencing connections. Moving outside the UW System schools, quality can vary. Connecting to Internet II institutions and to some schools in state networks connected to Internet II can be almost as good as within the state. The only way to be sure of the quality of the connection between two locations is to make a test connection. Learning Technologies will assist you in determining the quality of connection for your application.


Availability - Sites can be connected utilizing services from UW Extension's Instructional Communications Systems,

Cost - UW Extension charges for each site connected and there are connection charges similar to long distance telephone, depending on the quality of the connection. Rates in the state range from $15/hr to $40/hr. International rates can be up to $100/hr.

Compatibility - ISDN videoconferencing facilitiesare less common in the past. Military installations still depend heavily on ISDN .

Quality - Several levels of quality up to full motion video are available.There is no difference in quality dependent on the location.

KSCADE fiber optic network.

UW Oshkosh is no longer a participant in the KSCADE network. Connections can be made to KSCADE sites through the Internet Protocol

BadgerNet 2 (BCN)

The BadgerNet DS-3 Network has been replaced by the Badgernet Converged Network. Since videoconferencing on the new network is based on the Internet protocol, we should be able to connect directly to any Badgernet site.

Common Online Utilities

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