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Video and Audioconferencing

Conducting Meeting and classes with distant sites

Learning Technologies offers several modes of conducting meetings and classes with distant sites using video and audio conferencing technologies. Which technology is appropriate depends on the nature of the event, the location, and the technology available to those you wish to connect with.

Learning Technologies staff will help you determine which technology is available for your need and will contact the distant site to determine what connection method they have available.

Contact Rick Landvatter (920-424-2395) to plan the appropriate arrangements for your application.

Video Conferencing
(Two way Interactive
Audio Conferencing


From your office or classroom for one time events

From Learning Technologies videconferencing room in Halsey 259

From Learning Technologies distance education classrooms for one time events or distance education courses.

Connection types

Internet Protocol (IP, H.323)

Conference telephones

Speakerphones designed for large groups are available for loan from Learning Technologies. Contact

Multiple site audio conferences

Audioconferences with multiple sites can be arranged from the UW Extension's Instructional Communication Systems WisLine Teleconfence services

Audio conference with computer graphics

Web-based meetings with voice and graphics can be arranged from
UW Extension's Instructional Communication Systems WisLine Web services

Common Online Utilities

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