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Sage Hall 1210

General Access Lecture Hall


Sage Hall 1210

(full size)

Sage Hall 1210

(full size)





Lights are controlled by touch panel or manually. There is an all on or all off switch upon immediately entering the room. There is also a panel on the wall to manually control the lights.

Shades are controlled via the touch panel or manually in the same wall location as the manual lights option.


General Classroom Information:


Theater Mode

Upon selecting Theater Mode the 15' screen will automatically begin to lower. While in Theater Mode the only connected device is the Blu-Ray player located in the closet (1210A). No other features (computer, document camera et cetera) will operate through the Theater Mode projector. A picture of the equipment rack in Sage 1210A is available here. As per Lecture Mode, all functions are through the Crestron touch panel display.



All equipment in Sage Hall is operated by a touch panel display. Directions for the touch panel display are located in the lectern drawer in each classroom and can also be found here.


If additional equipment is needed or if training or assistance is desired please contact Classroom Technology Services Clow at x3328 or via e-mail

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