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Sage Hall

The newest classroom building on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus. Opened September 2011.


To reserve equipment, request training, or to report a problem with installed technology please contact Classroom Technology Services Clow at x3328 or via e-mail at

For your convenience:


Important information:

  • Every general access classroom in Sage Hall has technology installed. A short, introductory training session is encouraged for those unfamiliar with the technology.
  • Due to the variability in recording formats, please verify compatibility before using burned CDs and DVDs.
  • There are no VHS players installed in Sage Hall classrooms. One can be reserved for classroom use. Notification must arrive one business day in advance. Please note: VHS players are reaching the end of their life-cycle. We will circulate VHS players as long as we can but it is becoming more and more difficult to find VCRs. Switching formats is encouraged to accommodate this change.


Breakout/group room information:

  • Sage Hall breakout/groups rooms are reserved via the TitanApps calendar.
  • 46" digital displays are installed in all of the general access breakout/group rooms. Information regarding the displays is located here.


List of Classrooms

Sage Hall 1210 (Capacity 260)

Sage Hall 1214 (Capacity 260)

Sage Hall 1216 (Capacity 100)

Sage Hall 1232 (Capacity 65)

Sage Hall 1234 (Capacity 48)

Sage Hall 1235 (Capacity 55)

Sage Hall 1239 (Capacity 55)

Sage Hall 2212 (Capacity 45)

Sage Hall 2215 (Capacity 35)

Sage Hall 2218 (Capacity 38)

Sage Hall 2221 (Capacity 35)

Sage Hall 2224 (Capacity 46)

Sage Hall 2232 (Capacity 65)

Sage Hall 2234 (Capacity 45)

Sage Hall 3215 (Capacity 35)

Sage Hall 3218 (Capacity 38)

Sage Hall 3221 (Capacity 35)

Sage Hall 3224 (Capacity 46)

Sage Hall 3232 (Capacity 65)

Sage Hall 3234 (Capacity 48)

Sage Hall 3235 (Capacity 55)

Sage Hall 3239 (Capacity 55)

Sage Hall 4212 (Capacity 25)

Sage Hall 4215 (Capacity 35)

Sage Hall 4218 (Capacity 38)

Sage Hall 4221 (Capacity 35)

Sage Hall 4224 (Capacity 46)

Sage Hall 4232 (Capacity 65)

Sage Hall 4234 (Capacity 45)

Common Online Utilities

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