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Student Response System (clickers)

Turning Technologies is the supported student response system at UW Oshkosh. We have standardized on the NXT clicker, but also support the use of Responseware on a student’s personal web capable device if allowed by the instructor.

The Turning Technologies system allows, multiple choice, multiple select, numeric and text, matching, ranking and several other response options. Student registration of clickers takes place within D2L and results data is integrated with the D2L grade book.

Cost for instructors

There is no cost for instructors. Each participating instructor is furnished with a NXT clicker, a USB receiver which also contains the software and includes 4GB of data storage, and presenter remote to move through a presentation and administer response  sessions.

Cost for students

$50.00 – NXT Clicker (Includes 1 year ResponseWare License and 1 year Turning Account ID), this can be extended out to 4 years for an additional $15.00

$25.00- 1st year License for students who acquired a used clicker

$15.00- 1st year ResponseWare License $35.00- 4 Year Stand Alone ResponseWare License

$10.00- 1 year renewal for any of the above

Loaner kit available

We have a 34 unit kit available for loan for classes or other activities. Contact Evelyn Meuret, (x4979)


Turning Technologies has tutorials and documentation available.

Contact Evelyn Meuret, (x4979) or the UWO Help Desk (x3020) for support or more information.

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