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Secondlife screenshotsUW Oshkosh currently has 4 SecondLife islands. 3 of which are used by the College of Nursing for teaching their students. The last island is the UW Oshkosh general purpose island. Purchased as a place for faculty to teach their students.

A UW Oshkosh faculty member may REQUEST ACCESS TO THE ISLAND for themselves and their class for the following;

  • Hold classes on the island in part or in whole
  • Office hours
  • Professional Research
  • Host conference (limit on the number of avatars)


We will try an accommodate as many Faculty members and their students as possible. Please be aware that there is limited numbers of avatars that can fit on the island and priority will be given to faculty members wanting to hold all or part of their classroom activities on the island. So far it hasn't been a problem. Faculty that have reserved the island have been accommodating to other faculty during their classes.



If you need the island to look a certain way or to have custom gear created;

  • avatar skins
  • pre built objects
  • simulation materials etc..

you will need to contact us in advance to discuss your needs.

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