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Camtasia Relay & Fuse

Information on using Relay on the UW Oshkosh campus

Getting started

After you answer a few questions on our form, Learning Technologies will create a Relay account for you. We'll also meet with you to show you how the software works, make sure you have the recorder installed correctly on your computer, and answer any questions you might have.  If you like, we can arrange to be present at your first class that you record to ensure that you are successful.

Typical setup

Most instructors use Relay to record and upload to Kaltura MediaSpace. MediaSpace creates a playlist and a player skin that we can embed in your D2L course. We can also syndicate the course for subscription in iTunes. Some instructors make their courses available on the University's public iTunesU site.

Relay can publish to many destinations in many different formats.

Learning Technologies has successfully published recordings from Relay to TitanFiles, YouTube, FTP Servers and lots of other places.  If MediaSpace isn't sufficient for your needs, we can probably get your files somewhere that is. We can record to common audio and video file formats, as well as Camtasia Studio files.

Camtasia Fuse

Fuse is an ap for IOS that allows you to use your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad to record video files and submit them to the Relay server. Learning Technologies has been testing and has had promising results with using Fuse to record student presentations in the classroom.  The Relay server can email the student and the instructor with a link to the finished recording.  The student can embed the file in ePortfolio if they need to.

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