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Request a new course setup

Use this form to request setup for a new course profile on the Camtasia Relay server.

We need to collect a little information about the course you want to set up. It shouldn't hurt too badly.

The name of the instructor please!
We have the option of embedding your recordings directly on the homepage of your course. This will allow new recordings to be available for students in a central location as soon as they have been created. Alternatively, you can manually add the content to D2L within your course modules.
Checking this will allow students to download a copy of the file for personal use when they are offline.
checking this will allow students to get an embed code so they may include the recording in a portfolio. It will also provide tools for students to share the recording via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media outlets.
To find your OU Number: Browser Address Bar Go to your course. Look at the address (URL) at the top of the browser window. The 7-digit OU# is at the very end of the long course URL. (Be sure you are in your course; the OU# for the homepage/MyHome is 7061.)
The room number of the classroom you'll be teaching from. We ask so we can check to ensure the software and a working mic is installed. If you are planning on recording from your office or home let us know that here as well.
Course Name as you would like it to appear. (ie Virology, Intro to Early Civ, Pathophysiology II)
We'd like to know how long you want the files to stay on the server. We won't make a habit of deleting them, but this will make it easier when we have to. Deletion will occur no earlier than the term specified.
Would you like some training? One on One and group training is available for Relay and MediaSpace.

That should do it.  We'll set up accounts for you in Relay and MediaSpace, add a player and, if requested, a link for subscription in iTunes to your course D2L homepage. We'll send you an email with important usage instructions when we're done.


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