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Podcast Capture and iTunesU

Podcast Capture and iTunesU at UW Oshkosh

Podcast Capture was in use for about 4 years at UW Oshkosh.  The decision was made to switch to Camtasia Relay for Fall 2012 and beyond because of the greater flexibility in recording and distribution available in Relay. We are currently deprecating the Podcast Producer server. We will not use it to make additional recordings, but the files that are currently housed on it will be available via iTunesU and user blogs. We plan to take the server offline during summer of 2015.

iTunesU has been used to serve course and University PR materials for about 6 years. As of Fall 2012, we will not be adding any additional "private" courses to iTunes, though we will provide instructors will RSS feed links that will allow students to access content that is hosted on Kaltura via their iTunes client.

Instructors or departments that wish to make their content publicly available in iTunesU will be able to do so.

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