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Kaltura Media Management System

Last year UW System reviewed an RFP for a media system, evaluated 3 systems and Kaltura was selected as the finalist. This means that all of UW System schools will have access to the Kaltura software. At this time we are in the process of transitioning from pilot to live usage and the system will be available to all UW Oshkosh faculty, staff and students to use.

It has been decided that the implementation of Kaltura will be in a 2 phase process. D2L integration (happening now), then MediaSpace integration (Summer, 2014).

Our campus has had a great deal of interest in the Kaltura MediaSpace pilot program. Over 9,900 items have been uploaded from the pilot program. The transition to live usage will require some effort on our/your part. In May, the links and embed codes to ALL VIDEOS that are still in the pilot system will no longer work. All content will need to be relinked or re-embedded. Between now and May we need update all webpages and D2L course pages to show the new embed code.

Though the upgrade process is going to require some effort by you to make sure your videos show on your webpages and D2L course pages, please, don’t panic. We have some time before the old links break, if you need it, support for fixing the existing content to point to the new system can be found at the bottom of this email. The following are the specific problem areas we need to address.

If you have embedded video from YouTube or some other external media service no action will be needed.

If you have used Learning Technologies video creation services and were provided an embed code to use in your course you will need to contact Learning Technologies to receive a new embed code.

If you uploaded media via the D2L “insert stuff” button.

  • All media has been transferred to the new system, you will not need to re-upload your video.

  • All links to videos that you have added to your course will need to be re-added If your course has been copied from one semester to the next you will need to re-embed the video into your course pages. You can use the “insert stuff” button.

  • When using “Insert Stuff” please note that the “Kaltura” option has been renamed “My Media”.

If you uploaded media via the “MediaSpace” website (most department video).

  • All media has been transferred to the new system, you will not need to re-upload your video.

  • The custom user name and password you were given for MediaSpace will no longer give you access to upload video. At the end of spring semester you will use your UWOshkosh login to upload video. As of now please DO NOT use MediaSpace to upload new video. New video will not upload to the pilot implementation of MediaSpace . If you need to upload video from now till the new MediaSpace has been implemented please contact one of the support people below and we can help you.

  • All Media from MediaSpace that has been linked or embedded on a webpage will need to be re-linked or embedded

  • The pilot version of MediaSpace will no longer be accessible for viewing video starting in May 2014.

Student Work and ePortfolio contributions (Example.. Comm111)

  • Recordings made by students as part of classwork have been retained, however the link they were provided with will break in May. Students will need to relink content that has been embedded in an ePortfolio. Most student recordings were tagged during upload with their campus username.

  • Students will be contacted via email with a new link when possible. In the event that we do not have a valid email address for a student attached to a video, it will be the student’s responsibility to seek help from our office in locating and relinking videos.

  • Student work will be retained for 5 years, and discarded at the end of this period without notice.

  • Details of student work and ePortfolio contribution migration will be coming shortly.


Contact Information

If you have any problems relinking or adding video please contact one of the following people. We can help you.

Brian Ledwell -


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