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Help for students

FAQ and contact information for troubleshooting issues students may experience with watching course video.

A few Frequent Problems are listed below. If the problem you are experiencing isn't listed, please contact us at with a summary of the problem you are experiencing. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with a solution. you can help us by including computer type (mac, windows, linux, iOS, Android) browser used, and whether your device is portable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Viewing files in D2L

This should "just work."  Most instructors have a viewer widget on the main page of the course. The titles of the videos will show to the right of the file. the videos will play on the left.  Click the name of the file you want to view, it should start playing in the window on the left.  Play, pause, and scrub functions are all in the bar at the bottom of the player window.  There is also a "full screen" button here, that will let you break out of the d2l window and watch the video full screen.

Embedding files in ePortfolio

Kaltura Share ButtonYou should have recieved an email from the Podcasting system, or your instructor with a link to the file.  Clicking on the "share" button in the player window. This will give you some share options.  Copy the "embed code" from here.

This UW system page describes thouroughly the process of including embedded video in an ePortfolio.


Kaltura embed code window

Using a "Subscribe in iTunes" Link from within a D2L Course

Whether a subscribe link is included is at the discretion of the instructor.  Some choose not to include this link for security / privacy reasons.

Students should only have to click on the link to trigger the browser to open iTunes and connect to the course feed.

Please be sure that you have iTunes installed on your computer.  The feed cannot target iTunes if it is not on your computer.

We have heard of, but not confirmed of problems using Chrome. A different browser may help solve this problem.

Other solutions may include: Turn off pop up blockers, and make sure that your browser is configured to allow external application launches.  you may have to confirm a yellow security bar at the top of Internet Explorer or verify which application you wish to open the link in.

Viewing files on an android or iOS device

Currently, inline viewing on D2l from an Android or iOS device is not supported.  We anticipate a change to this in the upcoming upgrade to the system, occurring by Dec, 2012.

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