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Relay Server Management console

The Management console allows instructors to download the recorder, check the status of their jobs, or review files that require attention.

The Management console contains a few useful tools for instructors. Instructors may log in using the same credentials they use for logging in for recording. It is located on the web at

Home Menu

The Home menu contains:

The Dashboard veiw. This will show instructors their five most recent presentations, and provide recording date and time a link to the published file.

Account Settings. This will allow users to change some basic account information.

Help and resources - Provides links to Presenter FAQ's and 2 introductory training videos.

Presentation Menu

The Presentation menu contains a list of all of your presentations made, and allows you to filter based on status: Veiw completed, processing, uploading, failed, and other statuses.Presentation List


The profiles menu allows you to view the profiles assigned to you.  By default, most instructors have profiles assigned that upload to kaltura. The "Base Profile for Kaltura Publishing" uploads your file without any tags, the "Kaltura with OU Number" tags the file with the D2L OU number for your course.

The profile menu also includes a Publish account setup menu.  This allows users to provide their personal account credentials for services like YouTube or TitanFiles to allow Relay to publish on the users behalf.

Download Recorders

Download recorders provides access to the Relay Clients needed to publish from a home or office computer. There is also a client available for iOS devices.

Common Online Utilities

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