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Recording as a guest instructor

Step by step instructions for a user without a login/password on the Relay system to record and submit a recording for instructor approval and upload.

Prepare your presentation

Before you start Relay, you should have your presentation materials ready to use. Launch Powerpoint or other applications, load your recordings, webpages that you plan to use, etc.

Launch Camtasia Relay

Camtasia Relay is located on the Desktop of Windows computers and in the Dock of MacOSX computer.  The icon looks like this:

Relay Icon

Log in


The application will open to a login screen.  Use the Guest tab to login.  Enter your name and the email address of the instructor you are teaching for.  If you do not know their email address, use, and the Podcasting administrator will make sure the recording gets assigned to the correct instructor.





Title your presentation

In the "Presentation Details" section of the recorder window, give the presentation a meaningful name.

Check Your Audio

ScreenShot20120627at9.59.39AM.pngThe audio input level indicator should show a green indicator that it is recieving audio.  If you can see this move when you speak no action is needed.




ScreenShot20120627at10.01.54AM.pngIf it does not move, you'll need to select an audio source from the "Audio" menu item at the top of the recorder window. Click on the "Audio menu item, and choose from the list that appears a mic that shows a green line that responds to input.

Choose OK after you have selected a working audio input.







Start Recording

Press the big red "rec" button on screen to start your recording.  This will begin to capture your screen and audio source, and minimize the Relay window.


Teach as you normally would... ignore the Relay process... just don't close it!

Stop Recording

Relay Stop buttonWhen you are finished recording, restore the Relay window from the taskbar or dock, Press the square icon to stop the recording.

Submit your file

Press the submit button to send the recording to the server.  Leave the computer logged in and turned on for about 5 minutes to ensure the recording reaches the server.

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