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Camtasia Relay Instructions

Information for instructors on using Camtasia Relay for lecture capture, podcasting, or flipped classroom usage.

Using Relay

Camtasia Relay Main Window

Relay consists of just a few selections. Most of the time, you will be able to select the correct profile from the Profile dropdown, add a title for the file and start your recording by pressing the big red "REC" button. You may also add a description if you wish.  Students find it helpful if you name your files by subject matter, rather than "Lecture 1" or "May 15, 2012."


Relay allows you to choose the mic you wish to use from within the application. The "Audio" button on the menu bar will give you a list of  audio inputs available to you.  It will also show you an indicator of which audio sources are receiving a signal. You can also see the "audio input level" in a window right above the REC button.


The Display button lets you choose which monitor you want to record. This means that you can use Presenter View in PowerPoint if you wish.  When you press the Display button. You'll be shown a thumbnail of the displays you have available. Clicking on the one you want will set the display.


Camera lets you choose a video camera to record from. Relay will place the image from the camera in the bottom right corner of the screen. You do not have to record video, and you cannot modify the video recording settings. Most instructors do not include a video camera in their recordings.

Trimming and submitting

submit screen

After you have stopped recording, you will be given the option to trim your recording before you submit. When you click on the trim button, you will see two bracket icons and a cancel trim button.  Set the playhead cursor to the spot where you want your finished video to start playing, then click the left trim bracket.  Move the playhead to where you want the file to end, and click the right trim bracket. Submit the file to finalize the trim selection.  If you don't want to trim the file, you can simply press "Submit".

The recording will upload in the background, and relay will not give you any indication of the upload progress or its completion.  An hour long lecture usually finishes uploading in a minute or two.  Recordings on classroom computers are save to a directory that is not affected by DeepFreeze, meaning that even if you log off or turn off the computer prior to the upload finishing, it should resume where it left off when the next user logs in.

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